Double Wide. Double Baby. Double the Stroller.


For me, being pregnant for the second time was a different kind of excitement. It was a confident sense of excitement. I’ve done all the research the first go around. So, I feel like I know what I “need.” Double strollers being at the top of the list…oy vey, bring on the heartache. I truly went through three strollers before I found the one I loved for my first born. I hope I don’t do that again but as I continue to research, I’m already feeling a pang of buyers remorse. So I know I have a few things to consider:

  1. Price: Is this something I really want to spend $800 on? If you’re like me, you’re counting all the months of groceries you could spend that money on or some gorgeous new shoes!                                           
    My advice*: Look at your budget and get realistic. Start shopping at second hand stores, online, or from friendly neighbors’ garage sales. (Did I mention, 2/3 of my strollers were used?)
  2. Weight & Size: The advice of my friends told me all doubles are heavy. OK, I’m willing to give up this fight…after all; I can call this my workout, right?!                                                                                             
    My advice*: Head over to a big name store and test it out by folding it and seeing if it’ll fit in your car. (Did I mention, 1/3 of my strollers did not fit in my car? Only to discover after purchasing.)
  3. Seating Positions: This is a personal one and so far I’m favoring the side by side. Yes, it’s a wide load. And, I may even have to get a beeping noise hooked up to it as I stroll along. I just don’t like how my #1 will have to look at the back of #2’s seat. I’d be bored, so I think he’ll be bored too. Do you want something that can turn into multiple positions? Sounds fun. I’m wondering if it’s practical. I’m sure a part of it is. Do you want something that #1 baby can stand in? I’m nervous about that. I think to myself, is my child obedient at all times in which he’ll be standing? I’d love to say “yes!” and act like super mom…but honestly, I don’t know. Of course, they’ll be those tantrum moments so I think I’d rather choose to strap him in and let him out at my discretion. After all, I don’t think it’s wise of me to be chasing my 2 year old (by then) while the newborn is calmly waiting our return.
  4. Brands: Many friends have suggested the KolCraft Contours, Joovy Big Caboose, Baby Jogger City Select, Sit ‘n Stand, & Combi Twin.

Here’s what I’ve decided are my must-haves for life: snack tray for babies, compartments for Mommy, & baskets underneath for life. I have not decided on just one stroller yet. I’m sure I’ll be making many trips to the big box store to test drive them all. I never thought stroller shopping would use the term “test drive”. However, I did choose two for different reasons:

If I had an unlimited budget, I choose:

City Select’s Baby Jogger. Those multiple position, stadium like seats are incredible. Either kiddo in back can be in view of what’s going on as opposed to the seat in front of them. In addition to that, I can purchase the child tray or what’s called the “glider board”, aka, a sit and stand option.

Considering the budget, I choose:

Combi Twin. At about $200 it does have the child trays and baskets as needed. I would need to purchase a place for my mommy stuff.

So, what do you think? Share your advice.  

*My advice is based on making mistakes and learning to pass it on to you. So don’t make the same mistakes!


Jenet Simmons is joyfully married to hubby William. She loves spending her days at home with Carter (August 09) and furry friend Colton. In her spare time Jenet loves to cook, snuggle up with a good book and cup of coffee, bargain shop and dive into crafts. Her favorite hobby to invest in is people; learning deeply about each person in her life drives her ambition. Learn more about Jenet here.


  1. My husband and I just bought the City Select from They still have the 2010 series and it is around $317.00 + free shipping (for the Ruby color). We bought it in anticipation of having 2 children in the near future. You do still have to purchase the additional seat and the snack tray, both of which we just added to our order to receieve the free shipping. We absolutely LOVE our stroller. It has a HUGE basket underneath, folds very easily, adjustable handle height for my husband and I, and it rides very smooth. It is a little bit heavy, but I heard the new 2011 series is 7 lbs heavier, so I am thankful for the 2010 version. {I also consider it my workout.} We love all the options of seating and we can not wait to have two little munchkins in it. I know it is a bit of an investment, but we feel like it is a good option to grow with our family, and we plan on selling our other 3 strollers (from only 1 child) to help justify the purchase. Good luck with your decision making. Please keep us posted on the one you actually purchase!

    • Moriah,

      I’m so glad you like the City Select. I haven’t heard from anyone who’s said they’re unhappy with it. So I guess that speaks well for the company! Wishing you the best as you fill that 2nd seat there! I’m sure we’ll meet in person one of these days!


  2. Well you know that I’m a Baby Jogger City Select fan! We have ours (in the box still) ready to be put together here in the next couple of months. I know of at least 8+ mama’s that just LOVE this stroller!

  3. Well, with baby #4 on the way I’m once again joining the double stroller shopping market. This is really rediculous because I’ve had quite the number of doubles between the first three. Here’s my opinion since I’ve owned almost all the ones you listed.

    1. The combo side-by-side: this was my first double bought for the reasons you listed above. The pro’s – compact fold, side by side viewing. The cons – it was hard to push when loaded with two kids, it doesn’t turn easily. It didn’t fit in the ailes at retail stores! I would have to leave to stroller to go look at things and run back and forth. Also, the basket really can’t be used. It was hardly accessible. So, for our family, this didn’t last long.

    2: sit’n’stand – I liked this one. It’s stadium seating and still affordable. My oldest was 3 by the time we bought it so it worked for her to sit or stand or walk. The cons – we wore it our in under a year. There was barely any of the tires left and it was really hard to push. It wasn’t usable by the time baby 3 arrived.

    3: Graco quattro Tour Duo – My favorite so far of the three but HUGE! It takes up the back half of my SUV but wonderful for all the reasons moms live Graco products.

    4: Joovy Caboose: I picked one up for $20 at a consignment sale and dumped the giant graco now that number 3 is out of the carrier. It’s much more durable than the sit’n’stand brand and it’s held up really well, even getting it used. But, if you’re older one is under 3, probably not ideal as a choice.

    Now…I’m buying yet again. Because we will have 4 in carseats, I need both row of the SUV leaving no room for my HEAVY graco. We’ve decided on the City Select (yay 2010 clearance!)because, well, you’ve read the comments. Plus since this is the last, I like that it converts back to a single for when we will just need that…you know, in like 4 years!

    Just my two cents from a mom who’s owned quite an embarrassing number of strollers 🙂

    • Abbi! You’re a wealth of information! Thanks for your input. I love hearing everyone’s stories. Good to know you’re a fan of City Select as well. Wishing you the best with #4!!!

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