BABY DIARIES: 3 Months – Out and About with Baby


When I first stepped foot inside BuyBuyBaby to register I felt like I was being consumed by a tidal wave of baby gear…maybe you remember that feeling too. There’s such an overwhelming number and range of choices when it comes to children’s products. One wall is completely dedicated to pacifiers, and another to swaddles. Perhaps the largest section though is dedicated to transporting your little one. Tucked in amongst the sea of strollers and carseats are the baby carriers, your key to getting out of the house and enjoying being mobile with baby!

At first I couldn’t understand why anyone would NEED a baby carrier. After all, isn’t that what your stroller and infant carseat are for? (Cue veteran moms laughing. You know you TOO thought that infant carseat would be great to carry around…Ha!) Let’s be honest, even if you buy the lightest infant carseat you still have to contort yourself into a crazy position to walk with it and still might end up with a bruised hip. There simply has to be an easier answer…

I was given 2 baby carriers while I was pregnant, the Moby Wrap and the ERGO Baby. So far, both have been useful.

I use a baby carrier for…

  1. Going on walks around the neighborhood.
  2. Shopping. Wow, it’s nice to bypass the elevators!
  3. Parties. Especially with so many people sick over the last several months, it’s been nice to have Easton close to me with less people putting their virus-laden mitts on him…
  4. Around the house. Look Ma, no hands!
  5. Joy has said that it was nice to have one with Reagan on a plane. Hmmm…Good idea. I’ll have to test that out.

This is us out at a Christmas party with Easton in the Moby Wrap (8 days old)


The Moby Wrap is a glorified piece of cotton jersey stitched around the edges. You can wrap it around your body several different ways (see youtube for instructional videos) and carry your kiddo in tons of different positions. I’ve used this a lot so far with Easton, and he seems to love it! It can be used with babies from 5-35 pounds, so I’m sure this will be a keeper for awhile.

The UPs of this style carrier are:

  1. Range of options for position and activity.
  2. Washability.
  3. Back Support…and lots of it.
  4. Stylishness. (When you take the baby out, you don’t HAVE to take it completely off. It doesn’t look that bad just twisted around you.)

The DOWNs of this carrier are:

  1. $35-$40 is a little pricey for a piece of fabric. Anyone have a good pattern to make one for yourself?!
  2. Steeper learning curve for how to use it.
  3. Might not be “manly” enough for Dad to use.



I’ve just started using this one because I didn’t have the newborn insert that provides extra head support. This carrier though is easy to get on, and seems to provide a comfortable place for Easton to sit.

The UPs for this style would be:

  1. Several position options, including backpack style.
  2. Easy to learn.
  3. More Dad-friendly in terms of looks.

The DOWNs for the ERGO would be:

  1. $$$ Woah…this thing is pricey at retail! I’m sure glad mine was a hand-me-down. I think a resale shop is the way to go for these.
  2. When the baby isn’t in it, you probably need to take it off and put it in the diaper bag. It just looks funny dangling empty.

I’m LOVING getting out with Easton in this amazing Scottsdale weather. We are truly blessed to live here…


So ladies, what’s YOUR favorite baby carrier?

Are there any other ways to maximize their use?


A quick update on the little dude before I say, “Ciao”!


16lbs 8 oz, 25″

and 2 TEETH!


  1. Does anyone have a Baby Bjorn Air? I’m thinking a breathable option might be the way to go for summertime…

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