Are your kids driving you nuts?


It’s summertime. Kids are out of school and that usually means that at least one parent now has little companions ALL DAY LONG. What do you do if your kids are driving you nuts by, well, being kids? Here are a few tips to help you survive, and dare I say it, enjoy the time your kids are out of school.

1- Wear them out! Most pet owners will tell you that a well behaved dog is a tired one. The same rule applies with kids. Make sure they are getting exercise, and lots of it, every day. Kids who sit inside and play video games all day are like little volcanoes of energy waiting to explode.  You never know when they are going to let the energy out, but it’s not going to be pretty and it’s usually going to be in public. Take them to the gym, or to the park, or to a pool. Let them play really hard for a half a day and you can have at least a day and a half of quiet(er) kids.

2- Join their world. For at least 30 minutes a day, get into your child’s world. Forget about bills, deadlines, mortgage, and all that other grown up stuff. Whatever your child wants to do, don’t just be a spectator, actually PLAY with them. Play baseball, play Barbies, or build a giant tower of blocks just so you can knock it down again. The more you enter your child’s world, the more they don’t feel like they need to demand your attention. That’s right, if you take 30 minutes and play with them in the morning, they may not feel like they need to bug you every minute of the afternoon.

Added bonus: The more you do this when they are young, the more they will be willing to open their world to you when it really matters (like when someone asks them to drink alcohol or have sex). These moments are the ones that your kids will remember forever.

3- Don’t leave your day up to chance. The more you can schedule out of the house, the better both you and your kids will feel. If you think you feel crazy being stuck in the house with your kids all day, imagine being your kids and being stuck in the house with their mom all day. Plan fun excursions as often as you can, even if they are short, like a picnic in the park. By planning an activity outside the house, you will force everyone to get out and get some fresh air and exercise. It will make you all feel better, I promise!!!

Summertime is supposed to be the best time of the year. No school, vacations, and fun. Keep that in mind, follow these three tips, and you and your family will have more stress-free days at home!

Amanda Thomas founded Moxie Girl to take on the stress of her client’s household chores and help them achieve success in their relationships. She and her expert staff now organize spaces and schedules to create efficient homes. While each family they work with is unique, Amanda and her team agree that the best part of working with all their clients is seeing a relaxed smile return to their client’s face when the job is complete.


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