Weekend Activities: Boogie Nights | LEGO KidsFest



If you are looking for something to do this weekend to get your mind off the heat, we have a couple of options for you!

The Venue Scottsdale will be hosting their 3rd retro event on July 13th that runs from 8pm to 1am.  You may remember that at our Moms Night Out Gala we offered a giveaway for VIP tickets to the upcoming Boogie Nights party.  Just because you didn’t win them, doesn’t mean you can’t still go have a blast.  You can grab a couple girlfriends and make a moms night out of it with dancing, drinks and a photo booth.  Boogie Nights will fill your ears with 70s and 80s dance music spinning from DJ Pauly and feel free to get a little crazy and dress in your favorite 70s or 80s inspired outfits.  Did we mention that we’ll be having an event at The Venue in November.  So go check it out this weekend and tell us what you think, more details here: www.boogienightsscottsdale.eventbrite.com/!

Don’t forget it you’re going to LEGO KidsFest this weekend with the family, there is limited availability for Friday and Saturday morning sessions.  We can’t wait to check this event out and we hope to see some of you there.  If you have been before with your family, what was your child’s favorite activity?  I think my son is going to love seeing all the huge LEGO models and of course, playing with them himself.

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