Awesome Local Restaurants Sporting Healthy Kid’s Menus


If you’re like my family, you spent this past weekend tossing care to the wind and indulging in lots of not-so-healthy food options. From the turkey to the pies to the delicious leftovers, we stuffed ourselves quite silly.

Ironically, last month I shared about my daughter’s struggle with food allergies and how it has positively impacted our family’s food choices. And it has. It really, really has…most of the time. However, during the holiday months, the healthy-eating wheels seem to fall off the cart (so to speak).

We get busy. We get tempted. We go to holiday parties. We drink wine. We repeat.

(Please say we’re not the only ones?)

I thought this might be a good time to do a round up of some local restaurants that offer healthy kid’s menus. You know, places that have kids menus that aren’t just pizza, mac n’ cheese, fried chicken tenders and grilled cheese.

This list is by no means exhaustive. (In fact, I’m hoping some of you can share other eateries that aren’t on my radar screen.) But hopefully it offers some places that you may already know about, but just haven’t thought of before for feeding the kiddos.

(*It should be noted that I have no official affiliation with any of these restaurants. I just dig their healthy kid’s menus. 🙂 )

Pita Jungle

I heart Pita Jungle. I really do. (It’s sort of a love affair that my husband is totally aware of.) They serve up delicious and healthy Mediterranean food at reasonable prices in a setting that is fun and hip. (They have multiple locations, too.) For $4.99 their kid’s menu lets you select four items from four different food groups (vegetables, protein, grains and carbs and fruits). Think pita, hummus, chicken, cucumbers, fruit and lentils. My kids love this place!

True Food Kitchen

Have you all been to True Food Kitchen, yet? Created by local restaurateur Sam Fox and integrative health guru Dr. Andrew Weil, this spot marries nutrient-rich food with palate-pleasing recipes. And the kid’s menu mirrors that of the main menu. From grilled chicken to a teriyaki bowl to an almond butter, apple and banana sandwich (yum!), there are lots of delicious and healthy food options for the littles.

Seasons 52

Seasons 52, located at the Biltmore Fashion Park, promises nothing on their menu is over 475 calories – for reals friends. The menu is seasonally inspired from local farmer’s markets and offers dishes like cedar plank roasted salmon, grilled garlic flatbread and strawberry shortcake. The children’s menu follows suit and offers dishes like a mini flatbread in lieu of pizza, a turkey burger and a grilled chicken with broccoli plate.


Cava is sort of a Greek version of Chipotle. The flavors and sauces are delicious and everything can be customized to exactly your tastes. Be sure to check out their website as they have multiple Valley locations.

I know I’m missing other local restaurants offering healthy kid’s menus. Where do you take your kids or pick up from that has non-traditional kid’s menu options? Please share!