A Mom’s Guide to a Rocky Point Vacation with Kids


Welcome Lizette! She is a new contributor of ours, local native and mom of boys. We hope you enjoy reading her take on all things motherhood! 

SMB Rocky Point

It’s starting to cool down, and what better way to relax than across the border on a beautiful warm sandy beach? There is nothing like the fresh catch of the day and some guac & tortillas to make your work (or home) stresses all melt away. Even though Rocky Point is just a semi-short drive away, as a mama we have a few things to consider when prepping for a smooth weekend getaway and to make sure our vacation stays as relaxed as possible. Here’s a few tips to ensure smooth sailing.

Apply for your child’s passport card

If your child doesn’t have a passport yet and you don’t want to spend a ton of money, you must apply for a passport card at least a month ahead. Don’t be like me and procrastinate by applying just weeks before your trip! If you are a fellow procrastinating mama and you are traveling by land, you have the option of bringing your child’s birth certificate or certified copy instead. However, only if both parents on the certificate will be traveling together. Otherwise you may need to present a notarized letter from the absent parent. This is a must on your prep list and I always find it best to request an application from the nearest county court. There I have access to a human who can answer any questions on the spot and I can make sure I don’t miss any requirements.

Book your stay

When booking our stay we had the choice of resorts or vacation rentals. Since our plan was to relax and enjoy family time on the beach, we ended up choosing a vacation rental. With this option we could enjoy a semi private beach, away from the tourist halabaloo and loud partying (hopefully…. you never know). Making sure our three year old’s sleep stays as normal as possible is always a priority for us when traveling. As parents we also need a goodnight sleep because nobody wants to be grumpy and sleep deprived on a vacation, right? Booking a vacation rental is so easy now with sites like Airbnb,  Vacationrentals, or some rentals have their own website. It’s never a bad idea to ask friends and family for suggestions as well.

Pack your beach vacation essentials

Packing is always my least favorite part of traveling and I tend to never give myself enough time to do it. Since becoming a mom however, I have quickly learned that when it comes to packing it’s always best to err on the safe side. If in doubt about a certain toddler item, pack it! If you packed five changes of clothes, pack an extra. You better believe I pack the blanky, the lamby, the special cup and anything else the little mr. might miss. Here’s a list of some items you’ll find in our bags.

Toddler’s bag:

  • Sun block
  • Hat
  • 2-3 swim suits
  • Water shoes
  • Towel
  • Beach toys
  • Extra undies & night diapers
  • Comfy jammies
  • Familiar items
  • Favorite snacks

Mom’s bag:

Don’t forget to enjoy your trip! 


  1. Thanks for the great information! My husband and I took our first adult trip to Rocky Point and had wanted to bring the kids on a future visit. These are great tips, especially the passport info.

    • Yeah no problem Beth! It’s absolutely beautiful and can be family friendly when you plan it ahead of time. Honestly we were so tired from the sun and beach that we didn’t really miss the night life at all 🙂

  2. Great article, thank you! My husband and I are considering a last minute trip to Rocky Point with our two kids (4 and 9). You mention that you applied for a passport card for your kiddos. If we are out of time to apply for a passport card or passport for the kids, will their birth certificate suffice? Thank you!

    • Yes the birth certificate should suffice if both parents are coming along. Otherwise they may ask for a notarized letter of approval from the missing parent. I hope you all have a wonderful time!

  3. I have always wanted to open a Child Care in Rocky Point and I think my husband and I are finally at the point where this could be possible.

  4. Looking at taken a trip south in October. Have a 4 almost 5 year old. Other than play on the beach what other activities would small kids enjoy. And will have my other child 18. So any ideas on something everyone will have fun with

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