Fleming’s dinner to benefit Streetlight


It is a rare treat that my hubby and I get to go out on a date.  But, each time we do make it out of the house past dark, we feel giddy…almost like we are doing something wrong… like kids out past curfew… and curfew is 7pm.

Well, last night we enjoyed the fun of getting out combined with a delightful evening at the Mom it Forward and Scottsdale Moms Blog Valentine’s Dinner at Fleming’s Steakhouse.  Okay, it was a couple of day’s AFTER V-Day, but that didn’t make it any less special!  I got to wear a super cute dress and my HIGH heels (thank you very much) and hubby wore a collar and his hot jeans.  (Hubby wears a T-shirt and shorts to work, so THIS WAS AWESOME).

The highlights of dinner began with the Mushroom Ravioli… Seriously, I might go back JUST to order this, it was AMAZING!  We also tried the Pork Shank, which was on top of pureed sweet potatos.  They were yummy… the hubs would have licked the plate if we weren’t so civilized 😉

Our waiter surprised us with the Chipolte Mac and Cheese (that is actually a side).  Hubs had asked about it (since his absolute favorite indulgence is Mac and Cheese), but decided against it since we ordered so many other wonderful treats.  It was so delicious.  Not too spicey, not too cheesey.  Perfect in every way.

And for dessert…  we decided on the Chocolate Lava cake with Chantilly Vanilla Whiped Cream and ice cream on the side.  Yes, I do weigh about 5 pounds more than I did this time yesterday…  but oh, it was delicious.

We would like to go back and bring Reagan for an early dinner.  They have a great veranda that is kid-friendly early in the evening… hey, what can I say, we enjoy little family dates too!

For each Chef’s Feature ordered last night, a portion went to benefit Streetlight Phoenix.  Streetlight is helping eradicate child sex slavery in the Phoenix area.  For more info be sure to check out their website and “Like” them on FB.  Thank you Fleming’s Steakhouse!


  1. It was a really lovely evening. Fleming’s was so generous to give us that opportunity. I can’t wait to work with them again. Thanks for putting it all together! I love working with you guys! xo

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