Dressing for the Holidays


Dressing for the holidays can be daunting!

Here are a few ideas to make your holiday wardrobe season a little more merry and bright.

Thanksgiving: Dress for the season with fall colors.  Even if we don’t see leaves changing color here in Arizona, we can pretend with a fall palette.   Throw some burnt orange, yellows and browns into the mix.

Also, think about how a small detail like a flower pin or necklace can make an outfit you already have look more festive.  Check out EmersonMade for some incredible flower accessories, or if you are the crafty type, see the flower pin tutorial over at Jones Design Company.

1. Flower Belt 2. Floral Skirt 3. Frye Boot 4. Earrings 5.  Stripped Tee 6. Dropped Earring 7.  Yellow Flower Pin 8. Minnie Pant 9. Fall Necklace 10.  Squiggly Scarf 11.Burrnt Orange Dress 12. Vera Flat

Celebrate Christmas with cheer by adding a beautiful red coat and leopard print pumps! Don’t be afraid to find a piece that doesn’t necessarily say “Christmas” but is still beautiful and appropriate for the occasion.  You’ll dazzle them all without appearing to try too hard!

1. Embroidered Dress 2. Flower heel 3.  Layered Necklace 4. Red Coat 5. Leopard Pump 6. Glitter Jacket 7. Black Slack

New Years Eve is the perfect excuse to wear something shiny and fun!  From the jewelry to the shoes, nothing can be too glammed up in my book for the occasion.  If so much sparkle scares you, try adding one dressier piece to an otherwise subdued ensemble, like the first example below. The Charlotte Russe blazer, pictured as number one, is beautiful in person and happens to only be $40!  They are selling out quick though, be warned!

1. Satin Blazer 2. Kate Spade Slingback 3. Blue Party Dress 4. Glitter Pump 5. Sparkle Necklace 6. Diamond Cuff 7. Glitter Jacket 8. Party Dress 9.  Flower Heel

Whatever you end up wearing this holiday season, wear it with gusto!  In the end its the wearer that makes the outfit.  Find things that light you up and make you feel your best and you’ll be a knock out for sure!


Rebecca O. lives in Phoenix with her husband Evan and feisty wiener dog Tebow.  Rebecca is currently a freelance makeup artist and wardrobe stylist in the greater Phoenix area. She loves the Scottsdale Library system, refurbishing old furniture, rooting for UF football (go Gators!) and occasionally putting her art degree to use by painting landscapes. You can contact Rebecca at[email protected] and learn more about her here.


  1. This is such a great feature idea! I was just talking to my sister about how much of a clothing slump I’m in and how I need to break out of the mom uniform a bit. Thanks for sharing some fun fashion ideas!

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