Breakfast with Santa


Both Joy & I (with girls, hubbies and SMB Winner – Melissa P) were blessed to be able to go to Breakfast with Santa at the Pointe Hilton this past Sunday.  With two nearly 1 1/2 year old girls we knew the trip would at least be entertaining. And entertaining it was…

First up to meet Santa was Ms. Reagan.  She’d been staring down the big guy in line so we knew she was a little skeptical.  So come time for Joy to put Reagan on Santa’s lap, the death squeeze started.  There was no way Reagan was about to let go of her mama for the scary lookin’ man’s lap.  After a couple minutes of waiting to see if Reagan would let go Santa invited mom and baby to sit together on his lap for a picture.


Next up – Ms. Nora.  If Nora would have taken a minute to sit still (she’s a goer) I’m sure she would have done the same thing Reagan was doing – staring down the big guy.  Instead we grabbed her mid-cartwheel when we were next up in line.  She then noticed the big man in the corner and tears were immediate.  Tears, tears and more tears.  And it wasn’t even her turn yet.  So needless to say there was no way Nora was going to be sitting on Santa’s lap.  Honestly – she wanted to get as far away from Santa as possible.  Luckily we snapped a few pictures real quickly to document the outing.


And we just had to get one together….because that’s what we do 🙂

We want to hear from you – How was your Santa meetings this year???!!


  1. I too loved Breakfast with Santa at the Pointe. My little one had no idea what was going on, but I loved it. The whole thing was great down to the sugar cookie decorating and storytime with Mrs. Clause. Looks like you ladies had a great time!

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