Baby and Me Movie


Remember this post on Harkins Summer Movie Fun? Well, maybe you’re like me and you read that post and thought “We’ll do that when _____ gets older.”

I have good news ladies – there is no reason to wait!  Farrell’s Cinema Supper Club is inviting all new moms (and dads too!) to bring their babies and younger children to their Baby and Me program.  It’s not always easy going to a theater with young kids so this is the perfect opportunity!

On the last Friday of every month, they will be designating the 1:00 pm adult matinee time-slot for parents with babies, with seating beginning at 12:30 pm.  So grab your calendars.  The next few Baby and Me movie’s would be on June 25, July 30 and August 27.

So fun, huh?!!! Check it out today!  Who knows, maybe you’ll see Nora and me there!  😉