Why Summer Mama Rocks!



A list to let you know why summer mamas rock! 

1. We are chill- without school or sports schedules dictating our lives. We are relaxed with the rules. School bedtime 8pm – summer bedtime 10:30pm.

2. Food – it’s summer. Ice cream and froyo are a food group right? I find myself letting the kids have more Popsicles and less carrot sticks.

3. No homework means more pool time, family board games, movies, and just Playtime. Summer mama is more fun and less rigid with scheduling! Summer Mama even lets Tweens play Minecraft without constantly reminding child how much screen time they have left.

4. Less taxi car driving means more quality family time. We love just relaxing at our house. Eating breakfast in pajamas and not rushing to get to school. (coffee with the Today Show is one of my simple pleasures of summer)

5. Arts & Crafts- now that I’m not running to Hobby Lobby 3x a week for science fair or colonial diorama supplies – we actually get to do fun crafts without a dictated timeline. Summer Mama loves not hunting for trifolds at the $ store.

6. Clothing- summer mamas consider swimsuit and flip-flops for kiddos an outfit. Add a t-shirt and shorts and that is our “summer uniform.” This significantly cuts down on laundry and swimming in our house sometimes replaces bath time in our house. Summer mama lets crazy hairstyles happen and doesn’t have to worry about school dress code or dance recitals .

7. Fun play dates- summer mama plans fun play dates that have a start time but no finish time and usually involve swimming and sundae bars .

Now if only summer Mama could stay in September!