What Happened to Thank You Notes?


What happened to good old fashion thank you notes?

thank you notesMy family and I are at kid’s birthday parties almost every other weekend and I’d say less than half send a thank you. I’m not picking on anyone here, I know we ALL get busy! I am just wondering, have we become so tech savvy that a good old fashion hand written note is so obsolete? I’m just saying, in the amount of time spent on our phones scrolling thru social media – those notes could be knocked out!

When I was a kid my mom made me sit down and write “thank you” notes after every birthday or Christmas. I still do to this day and I’m teaching my boys to do the same. To me it’s more than just sitting down and writing a note, I try to make it a teaching lesson. I incorporate appreciation and manners into WHY we are writing these notes. I explain someone spent their valuable time at the store (or online) picking out that gift because they think you’re special.

On the flip side, no doubt I get giddy when we receive thank you notes in the mail- I love it! And I make a big deal to the boys that THEY got mail from THEIR friends who are saying THANKS and explain why they took the time to write it and mail it. I also applaud the mom who spent the time sending these out.

I know everyone practices different etiquette these days but with the holidays around the corner and gift giving season beginning… I’d like to see some of the simple, old fashion things brought back, like the old fashion thank you note.

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Beth Beyer Williams
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