6 Inspirational Spots for Instagram in the Valley

Photo by Rudri Bhatt Patel

If you love taking photographs, having an iPhone or a smartphone makes it incredibly easy to take pictures and immediately post them on Instagram. The Valley offers countless moments of beauty, whether it’s the mountains in the horizon, the glorious sunrises or the ethereal sunsets. Even if this natural beauty doesn’t make you sparkle, there are exotic flowers, landscapes and other Instagrammable worthy views in Phoenix. Here are 6 Instagrammable spots in and around the Valley: 

Pinnacle Peak Park

Sweeping views of the Valley are hard to resist when climbing Pinnacle Peak Mountain. Either take pictures of interesting flowers and cacti on your path or capture the mountains in the background playing with the sky. Wherever you aim your camera, you’re certainly going to catch a memorable view. The beauty of the Sonoran Desert will be the highlight of your Instagram feed. 

Camelback Mountain

Where can you get an aerial view of the city? Venture on the Echo Canyon or Cholla trails  – where the highest point of the mountain is at 2,704 feet above sea level. Once you reach the summit, experience a 360 degree perspective of the city. The sunrises are spectacular and can’t be missed if you decide to hike the mountain before the crowds start forming. 

Your backyard

Maybe you don’t have enough time to venture to another location in the city to snap a Instagrammable worthy picture. Don’t worry – there are plenty of opportunities in your backyard for a memorable picture. Your best bet is to either wake early in the morning at sunrise or make a point to go outside at sunset. 

Photo by Rudri Bhatt Patel


Butterfly Wonderland

If you’re already taking the kids to Butterfly Wonderland, don’t forget to whip out your smartphone to take one-of-a-kind pictures of the butterflies. With the surrounding greenery and habitat, many of the pictures will look as if you took pictures of butterflies in the wild. The butterflies will often “pose” in this wonderland and so if you miss one shot, there are other chances to add these winged, awesome pictures to your Instagram feed. 

A walk in your neighborhood

I will never pass up an opportunity to take a walk in my neighborhood. On the right, the mountains will dot the horizon. While I embark on a pathway, various flowers will pop up, each one represents a different kind of beauty. Sometimes, as I walk, I love to gaze up at the sky to seek comfort in the blue or watch where the sun decides to park. Most of the time, the simple decision to pay attention yields to Instagram worthy pictures. 

Photo by Rudri Bhatt Patel

From a local restaurant

Sometimes having a different vantage point is key in snapping an Instagram worthy picture. When entering or exiting a restaurant, there may be a bend in the trees that is photography worthy or the way the sun glides across the sky that is awe inspiring. The important thing is to have your smartphone handy, snap the shot and apply your Instagram filter – in seconds, be prepared to be inspired.