Too Many Digital Pics? 6 Ways to Cherish Your Memories


7001746083_0d2122b25b_hHow many times have you heard “quick, grab the camera!” to capture that moment your daughter tumbles toward her first somersault or your son dons his first pair of tennis shoes. With our phones at our fingertips, taking pictures is quick and easy. Click here. Click this. Click that. Before you know it, you have several hundred pictures on your memory card, computer and mobile device. How can you prevent these memories from sliding into a black hole of endless pictures that are scattered among different gadgets?

Here are 6 practical ways to cherish your digital pics:

1. Print your pictures: What is the easiest way to cherish your digital memories? Try the old fashioned way: send your pictures to a place that prints them. It takes a few minutes to upload your pictures and send them to a local place to print them. By keeping the hard copies of your snapshots, you can revisit these photographs anytime without having to find them on your camera or computer. It is also a great way to hand memories down to your children in the future. 

2. Make a photo book: Are there several shots that you adore and want to compile in a book? Assembling a photo book of your memories is a perfect way to store family photos. Most websites allow you to use their software to customize backgrounds and add shading effects to create a photo book that is right for you. 

3. Custom photo cases: Most people carry their phone in a case. Why not meld the sentimental with practical? There are several companies that will design a case based on the photograph that you send them, and every time you grab your phone you can revisit a special memory.

4. Wall size prints: Who needs expensive art when you have masterpieces you’ve created? Many places will either frame your photograph or print it on canvas. Before you know it, your artful photographs can be decorating your living room or other places in your home. 

5. Slide shows and videos: You can thread together several sets of pictures to create a slide show or video of your favorite memories. This is ideal for kid’s sport activities, vacations, or any milestone event. By creating this montage of moments, you can share these memories with family and friends in an instant. 

6. Photo gifts: There are several gift options that are created from your digital memories. Try making cups, coasters and even jewelry from your photographs. Grandparents love these kind of gifts to show off their grandchildren. Practical but thoughtful, it is an excellent way to share memories with those who do not live close by. 

There is no reason that your digital pictures need to stay on your electronic devices. Think out of the box by bringing these images to light and sharing them with someone you love.


Image: Believe by David Lawler via Flickr.

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Rudri Patel
Rudri Bhatt Patel is a former attorney turned freelancer writer. Prior to attending law school, she graduated with an M.A. in English with an emphasis in creative writing. She is the managing editor for The First Day and her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Brain, Child, The Huffington Post, The Review, Review Role, Reboot, The Mid and elsewhere. She writes her personal musings on her blog, Being Rudri, and is currently working on a memoir that explores Hindu culture, grief and appreciating life’s ordinary graces. She enjoys reading, writing and running. Rudri has lived in the Valley since 2009 with her husband and daughter (9). You can find Rudri on Twitter, Facebook and Being Rudri.