Family Photos: Styling Tips and Advice


Family photos are such an amazing way to capture memories and seasons of life. One of my favorite parts is picking out the perfect outfits to make the pictures that much more reflective of each of my kid’s personality and style. We always frame ours and display them in our home in different ways. I wanted to share a few of my secrets to making your family pics look great. Here are my 5 tips to style family photos. 

Pick A Color Scheme

Classic pictures should be beautiful without being extremely matchy. Think COORDINATING rather than MATCHING. The color palette doesn’t need to be exact. Just think “cohesive” when planning outfits. If it helps, you can go on Pinterest and check out color palettes for inspiration. This is something I love doing before hand to help ease my anxiety. 

Know Your Setting

Sometimes I have a perfect location in mind and sometimes I leave that up to our photographer. Most photographers have a list of locations they’ve shot at or ideas for new locations so be sure to ask if you are feeling stuck.  

One of the most important things you can do is contrast the scenery with your outfits.  If you’ll be shooting in autumn foliage, try black or navy or bright whites.  If you’re shooting in the desert try neutrals and again check Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.

Happy Kids = Great Photos

Make sure the kids are feed and have had their nap if your session is scheduled for the afternoon. Happy kids = great photos. If the kids are happy and cooperate, the photoshoot tends to go smoothly and free of stress. 

Match Your Home Aesthetic

If you plan on framing these in your home, think about your home aesthetic and overall style. Farmhouse homes would look lovely with natural, even black and white photos.  Modern homes may call for simplistic images taken on simple backgrounds, etc. This may not matter to you but can definitely make decor cohesive. 

Candid Moments

Kids can tend to be a little restless during family photos, but honestly those make for the best memories.  Let the kids be kids. Some of my favorite images of our shoot were the kids laughing or smiling.

I hope these tips to style family photos help you when you are planning your next family shoot. Remember this should be a fun experience for the whole family. If something works for you, I’d love to hear about it share on Instagram @scottsdalemoms.