The Modern Mother


Society, Grandparents, Friends, Neighbors, Professional colleagues — many of us to new moms: 

Breast is best, but obviously not in public. You should co-sleep, but it is so unsafe. You should go back to work but do not ever leave your kids. Who does that?  I cannot believe your baby doesn’t sleep through the night yet. Sleep training is evil, don’t do it. And hey, sister, don’t forget about self-care, staying in shape, folding laundry, meal prepping and date nights.

The Modern Mother

Cue all moms everywhere crumbling in confusion. Seemingly, the modern mother cannot make a right choice, because there are not many “right” choices available to her.  According to the world around them, sometimes even the people they sit next to for birthday dinners, every choice the modern mama makes is wrong. For many it becomes a toxic cycle of internalize — second guess — isolate — and ultimately it can lead to an anxiety-fueled depression.  At some point many a modern mother winds up on the floor of her closet questioning everything she wants, needs and every decision she has made, from whether to work outside of the home to nursing vs. formula, public vs. private school, and the list goes on. This toxic cycle of indecision and pressure is a huge part of why modern motherhood is, for many people, an entirely stressful and exhausting occupation. 

Today is World Mental Health Day, which aims to raise and celebrate mental health awareness for the global community, helping people everywhere feel hopeful by empowering them to take action and to create lasting change.   It seems like a fitting time to remind exhausted and potentially confused or depressed mamas that there are fantastic resources available to support and empower her toward mental health and well-being. 

  1. Depression and anxiety in motherhood can rear its head in many ways.  Check out some great tips on fighting mom anxiety from fellow SMB contributor, Sarah Baum here.
  2. For the mama ready to get back into the work game after a career break, download a free 5-step action plan to make the most of your job search courtesy of 
  3. If you or someone you love is suffering from perinatal mood and/or anxiety disorders (PMAD’s) or recovering from a traumatic event check out the highly specialized and supportive perinatal coaching and counseling opportunities available through Women’s Health Innovations of Arizona. 
  4. Join a bilingual support group, 1:1 coaching and parenting group, held at Hope Women’s Center, 1640 E. McDowell Rd. Phoenix 85006
  5. Join a 6-week “Let’s Talk” therapeutic group in partnership with Dignity Healthcare held at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center. Register via email. 

Stephanie Sanstead is a student of marriage, motherhood and music enjoying the journey of a lifetime alongside her family and friends. She earns her bread by writing PR, marketing and social media words. She spends her bread on concerts. Speaking of bread, she likes breaking it with the people that make it all worthwhile. She would love to have you join her tribe over on Project Mpathy, which exists as an open invitation to incite more empathy in people within and toward the art of parenthood.  Subscribe here.