The Frock Off: Everything You Need To Know About Closet Purging, with a Girls Night twist!


Our clothes are too much a part of us for most of us ever to be entirely indifferent to their condition:  it is as though the fabric were indeed a natural extension of the body, or even of the soul.  ~Quentin Bell

It’s that time of year when we retire our flip-flops for a few months and pull warmer layers out of storage.  But, before you start dumping boots onto your closet floor, consider using this opportunity to refresh your wardrobe.  After purging any ragged clothes, you can host a fabulous “Frock Off” girls night with the items you still want to retire from your wardrobe.  Consider it free shopping from your friend’s closets!

* Full Length Mirror
* Plastic Bin – labelled swap, for the Frock Off
* Plastic Bin – labelled alterations
* Plastic Bag – labelled donations
* Rolling racks (optional)

How to sort: 
IMG_3597Pull everything – absolutely everything – out of your closet.  If you don’t have access to rolling racks, do one section of your closet at a time, piling everything near the mirror.

If items have stains or rips or are otherwise worn out, put them immediately into the donations bag.  You *may* get away with keeping one item for messy crafts or home projects, but that’s it!

Put items you know that you (1) love, AND (2) fit you perfectly, back into your closet.  But only those items.

Try everything else on in front of your mirror.

* If you love it but it needs alterations, put it in the alterations bin and bring them to a tailor within the week.

* If it doesn’t work for you anymore (reminds you of pregnancy, makes you feel anything less than great) put it in the swap pile.

* The items that still flatter you can now go back into your closet, preferably with an idea or two about what to pair it with to make you feel great.

Now what? Girls Night!
Here comes the fun part!  My friends and I have found that our favorite way to address the swap pile is to hold what we call a “Frock Off.”  You can share this post with a few friends and have everyone bring their own swap pile over for a fabulously fun girls night in.  (Remember, Swap Pile = no rips or stains, just good stuff that doesn’t work for you anymore.)  Bring wine, cheese, and a full length mirror, and you can go shopping from your friend’s clothes and accessories!


If two or more people want the same item, a Frock Off is declared, and the crowd gets to decide which person the piece looks best on.  All unclaimed clothing can be donated, which feels great to do especially just before the holidays.  Or, if you have high-end pieces, they can be re-sold at one of several great local consignment stores.

Once you return home to a nicely purged closet and an arm full of great new clothes, you may feel extra motivated to organize your upgraded wardrobe with a closet makeover.  You can use one of several apps to take photos while you are trying outfits on.  You can then virtually organize your closet by type (work, playground, date night) and know what you want to wear before you open that door.  A recent article narrowed down the five best closet organization apps; other options include Cloth or StylishGirl.  You can also use this opportunity to make over your closet using organization tips from the experts.

Happy Winter Styling!


  1. Looking forward to next week’s Fock-off with you and all the girls! My closet gets emptied tonight!
    Great Post!

  2. What a FROCKING awesome night!! You win some and lose some, but I’m still coming home with 3 pairs of designer new to me jeans!! This is one of the greatest GIRLS NIGHT IN ideas ever!!!

  3. Awesome article Sara highlighting a super fun idea! Also the links in your article were really helpful and took me on a fun journey. I now have a closet organization app (Stylebook, who couldn’t use one of those?!?) and a shopping tool (Shopstyle, slightly more dangerous!!) keep em coming!

  4. Love the enthusiasm – we had our Second Annual Frock Off last week and generated, after “shopping” was complete, four GIGANTIC bags of nice clothes that we are going to donate to the women at UMOM before the holidays. Fabulous time, ladies, already looking forward to a Spring Clean Frock Off!

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