Swim Classes at McDowell Mountain Ranch Aquatics Center


Reagan and I enrolled in the Parent/Child swim class at McDowell Mountain Ranch Aquatics Center this past month.  And… it. was. AWESOME!!! 

First off, I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy the swim class.  I love watching Reagan experience new things.  And, I love learning new things myself.  The swim class is full of little tips for water safety with a little one, for example, never let baby enter the pool alone (duh), instead though, create a routine for getting in the pool and include a verbal cue such as “1, 2, 3… come on in!”

Second, the class helps me face silly fears like getting Reagan’s head wet or helping her float on her back.

Third, the price was right… just $22 for Scottsdale Residents ($33 for nonresidents) for twice a week for four weeks!  Are you kidding?  That’s an amaing value!

In fact, I’ve enjoyed this class so much that I’m actually looking for the NEXT fun class that we can take together!

What classes have you found around town that you LOVE and enjoy with your munchkins???


Joy is the Co-founder of Scottsdale Moms Blog and absolutely loves living in Scottsdale with her hubby Kevin and their daughter Reagan (born August 2009) and one on the way.  She is a lover of nature, a research analyst on all things related to life, a home manager, a crafty art-eest, Chief Marketing Officer for Cactus CrossFit, mommy, daughter and friend.