Sunday Meal Planning Series {Summer Dessert Ideas}


Looking for simple summer dessert ideas for your family after a meal? Summertime means lazy days and trying to stay cool in the desert heat. A sundae bar or snow cone will hit the spot!

These summer desserts are easy, but delicious.

SMB Meal Planning

Sundae Bar

Favorite ice cream  – Vanilla, Chocolate or  Cookies and Cream

Favorite toppings – nuts, gummy bears, sprinkles, strawberries, cherries, whip cream or whatever your family prefers. Put these items in separate bowls and your family can scoop as much as they want on their ice cream. This is a definite hit and I guarantee your family will love feeling like they are in their personalized ice cream parlor.

Snow Cones

Crush some ice in a blender.

Buy snow cone syrup at the store and pour onto the crushed ice.

What are your dessert ideas during the summer? 


Image: Barsovia ice cream by James via Flickr.

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