Spring is here….all the things you need at Smart & Final

Spring is officially here and that means wonderful weather but also horrible allergies, extra pollen and dust covering everything. It is the right time of year to clean all the hard to reach spots in your house that collect dust and we totally seem to forget until they get gross.

We really love Smart & Final for all the fresh produce (did you know they have over 10 different types of apples!?!) and tons of bulk items available for purchase (without the membership fee!) but did you know they also have every product you need to get your house clean and ready for the new season (including restaurant grade products available too). We find the First Street Smart & Final products to be comparable to the expensive brand names but at a lesser price point. Click here for a comprehensive list of all the things we need to get our house ready for Spring!


Since I am going to be spending my day busy with removing all the dust and pollen from every surface of my house (anyone have a trick to get the baseboards really clean?) I will pick up the world’s best rotisserie chicken from Smart & Final. They have the juiciest and biggest chicken available….and there are so many easy, quick meals to use all the chicken meat! This is my favorite summer go-to meal when we need real food, but I don’t want to turn on the oven.

We like to shop at Smart & Final for a smaller, faster grocery warehouse store experience and we can check out all of the current coupons available at our local store with this link.
Download the app for digital coupons (includes a 15% coupon on your entire shopping basket): One Click & That’s It! Digital coupons are an additional way customers can save via the app. Introducing Smart & Final Digital Coupons! Get access to exclusive savings and receive 15% off your first trip when you download the app and register.
1. Download the Smart & Final app
2. Clip coupons
3. Scan barcode at checkout
4. Save!
Thank you to Smart & Final for being a sponsor of Scottsdale Moms. We received a gift card in exchange for this post about our experience.