Spark of Joy in Five Ordinary Items


Remember when it seems like the whole world was suddenly KonMari tidying up. At any given scroll through Instagram, I saw a square of clothing rectangles resting perfectly on edge and filed into a drawer.  I, too, have done my share of KonMari tidying.  It started a couple years ago when I read (partially read) the book about the Japanese Art of Tidying Up. What resonated with me was the idea of asking myself if an item brought me joy and then offering gratitude to all my possessions whether I decided to keep them or not. To some, it sounded like a very silly thing to do.  For me, it just made sense. But then I had another baby and I found it hard to just pick up the living room, let alone sort through every single possession I owned and make such important decisions of keeping a practical Old Navy dress or parting ways with a special occasion dress from Banana Republic.   

When my oldest started Kindergarten, I swore that I would get back on the KonMari track once again. I started by listening to Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing in my car while I waited in that dreadfully long, seemingly never-ending kindergarten pick up line. Hearing the words, literally hearing them, really made a big difference. I was totally inspired and ready to go.  Once again, I started to KonMari style tidy up. Along the way, I have discovered five somewhat ordinary things that spark joy.   

Dyson DC28 Vaccum circa Who Knows When – Is it weird that my vacuum brings me joy? Because it’s not like actual vacuuming brings me joy. My mom was the original owner and passed it on to me when she upgraded to a newer model. I inherited her old one and it is a dinosaur. This thing is at least 15 years old but it still works like a beast. Attachments have been lost along the way and it’s certainly not as sexy as those stick models, but it gets up all the pet fur, crumbs, dirt, glitter, etc. I love my ancient vacuum and I don’t see any end in sight of its loyal service.  

Earring Collection – Dear Each and Every Pair of Earrings, Thank you for the joy you bring me while you sit on or below my earlobes.   

Franciscan Ware, Ivy Pattern – Franciscan dinnerware has been a part of American pop culture for many, many years, although it’s not really something anybody notices. In my family, we have been talking about these dinner plates for my entire life. My Grandma had the Desert Rose pattern, my mom has the Apple pattern. Those two argued back and forth over who had the better set all the time. When I moved into my first apartment, my mom took me shopping for what I needed and when we looked for dinner plates, I found the Ivy pattern and the choice was obvious. The pattern has since been discontinued and I have lost many pieces of my set along the way, so I have them in a drawer and don’t use them except for serving when I have a party. Those plates bring me so much joy I don’t even have the words to express it.  

Harry Potter Books, Years 2-7 – Wait, what about year 1?  No love lost on year one, it’s just that Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone disappeared on me. Any Harry Potter fan will understand the joy these books bring to read. Anybody who loves to read books will understand. I hope one day my boys will be excited to read them with me.   

Miniature Light Up Letter Board – I received this little letter board as a gift from my dear friend, Jessica at our Scottsdale Moms Blog Favorite Things Holiday Party. Coming up with new messages based on what’s going on at our house is so much fun! I have the cutest little side table display where the sign sits, along with a salt lamp and an artificial succulent plant. It’s all I can do to keep the children alive and well, please do not expect me to add a plant into the mix, okay? I’m not what one would call a “Pinteresty” type of homemaker, but that little corner of my house sure does look like I am.  Joy abounds!