SMB on Twitter


This weekend we took a little mommy-vacay and spent a day at Bloggy Boot Camp. Yes – you heard that right.  We went to a conference on blogging (you don’t have to tell us – we’re nerds – we know it!)

I gotta say – I went into this conference feeling fairly confident in our blogging abilities and left with a million different blogging ideas floating around in my head.  Some of these idea’s you’ll probably start to see in the coming months. 

One of the main things we learned from the weekend was the importance of using Twitter.  So because we didn’t have an account that meant that we were obviously VERY behind (gasp)!  Well thanks to the prompting of other mommy bloggers we’ve now entered into the ultra-glamorous social media world of Twitter and we’re LOVING it. 

If you are still not on Twitter you should totally sign up! AND if you are a part of Twitter already please follow us @ScottsdaleMoms.