Six Signs You DESPERATELY Need Spring Break


maring apring break

  1. When your child brings home a piece of paper explaining their latest book report (an historical poem and diorama on Betsy Ross), you shudder more violently than your 3rd grader because you don’t want to go to the library to find the book or head to Hobby Lobby to find modeling clay!kitchenhell2
  2. Your family is exhausted. You are serving Nutri-Grain bars and juice boxes for lunch. You are all waking up late for school. You are wearing pajama bottoms in the car drop off lane. Plus, you have survived the Valentine’s Day party, you have attended the book fair, you have sold your Girl Scout cookies, you have attended 5.2 soccer games every weekend since Jan 6th, you have returned a reading log with severe guessestimates every week.
  3. You are tired of seeing the soccer or dance coach more frequently than you see your spouse. Your car needs a break from additional mileage and being a garbage receptacle for water bottle and goldfish crackers.
  4. Little projects that “September Mom” would have hit Pinterest for, or cheer-leaded a child into a frenzy of excitement over, now seem like SCHOLASTIC EVEREST. The 5th grade science project has now become let’s-get-this-thing-done with the least amount of zest and flair possible. “March Mom” is tired and is okay with repeating tired experiments. (Bring on that circuit board!)
  5. You long for sleeping in, you long for the Today Show and coffee, you long for park day with the kids, you long for weekday dinner out where you are not asking children to write spelling words on the back of the kids menu.
  6. You remember spring breaks from your 20s that consisted of tequila shots and beach time. Your current dream spring break consists of empty calendars and relaxing with your family.

Happy Spring Break, Arizona moms!


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