The only 2 things you need for a simple Mother’s Day gift


Every year I find myself scrambling and trying to think of a simple Mother’s Day gift to send my own mother/mother-in-law. I have the best of Pinterest intentions, but not the greatest execution. And I like to keep it simple, I know they don’t need anything crazy or extravagant, but we still want them to know they are loved and special. 

And then I had an epiphany this year. I realized you can make anything into a special keepsake that any Mother would love, you only need TWO things. Want to know what they are? 

Hand prints. 

Children’s Writing. 

simple Mother's Day gift
That’s it. Mom’s love to see their little kids (or grand kids) hand prints all over stuff. It reminds us of how tiny they are and how fast this stage goes. And the hand writing……anything written by the actual child melts a mother’s heart. Those crooked and backwards letters are so sweet looking! 

So….if you are in a bind, find ANYTHING in your house (flower pot, oven mitt, frame, even just a piece of paper), throw a hand print on it and let the kids write their own message. The perfect and simple Mother’s Day gift.