School Lunch Box Gadgets and Tips


So I will be the first to admit it, I am not one of the moms who make themed lunch boxes or creative hand written notes in my daughter’s lunch box

but I do like to add a little flare when it comes to the creation.

Last year was the first year that my daughter needed us to pack school lunches and it took me about that long to figure out what my favorite gadgets and supplies were.

School Lunches.png

Since school is starting soon, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite back to school lunch box tools and gadgets (and links for you to buy them too!)

school lunch box ideas

1. Silicone Containers

I like to separate food into separate compartments and silicone containers are perfect for doing just that. You can use Silicone Baking Cups or Silicone Sushi Molds. Any small container will work but I tend to like the silicone containers because they are easy to use and are recyclable.

school lunch box ideas

2. Food Picks

It’s fun to add cute little animal food picks to my daughter’s lunch. I will add them in her fruit or I’ll  skewer her lunch meat and cheese on one. It’s a fun decoration to add and they help keep food in place. Bamboo picks are great for a greener alternative. Cupcake picks work great, too!

school lunch box ideas

3. Food Cutters

I use small cookie cutters or food cutters to cut out food. We love Ezekiel bread and my daughter especially loves the raisin bread, so I will often put a few cut out flowers in her lunch box to add some grains to her lunch. You can also cut thicker cheese slices or fruit pieces. It’s a fast and fun way to get creative.

school box lunch 6

4. Sandwich or Egg Presses

You might have seen the pre-made peanut and butter & jelly sandwiches in the frozen section that are sealed up in little pouches ready to eat? Well you can make your very own sealed little sandwiches using a sandwich press. I have pre-made a couple PB&J’s in the freezer and pulled them out in the moring. They are perfect for on the go lunches. If your child likes hard-boiled eggs like mine does there are some presses that will mold a hard-boiled egg into a cute shape.

school lunch box 8

5. Beverage Container

We try to limit the juices and flavored drinks as much as possible so I like to send my daughter to school with water. One of my favorite containers is the Juice in a Box. It fits in my lunch box great and is easy to use and clean.

Hope these ideas and gadgets inspire some lunch box creativity and have fun packing school lunches!

Do you have any favorite lunch box tips or gadgets? We would love to hear them.