Down with February 14th: Seven reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a different day


not to celebrate Valentine's DayValentine’s Day comes with a lot of expectations – kids’ Valentine’s Day cards for classrooms, cards and or gifts for your spouse, flowers, chocolate, lovey-dovey notes to your kids, restaurant reservations, and babysitters. Why not skip the chaos of the evening on February 14, and choose to celebrate the love of your life throughout the month of February?

Here are some reasons NOT to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14.

  1. Historically, Valentines Day isn’t even sound. There are legends based in Christian, Roman, and Pagan traditions that have morphed into our February 14th celebration. Google Valentine’s Day history and you’ll find stories for Saint Valentines death and burial, Pagan fertility festivals, a feast day, and the beginning of birds mating season, all which reportedly occurred in February. Now, we have created a $20 billion dollar holiday for it. So, the date of February 14th isn’t really significant.
  2. Dinner reservations for February 14th are a must and most restaurants present guests with a pre fixe menu that may not even include your most favorite dish. Go on a different night, pay less, and order what you want.
  3. Babysitters are harder to come by on all holidays.
  4. Flowers, especially roses, increase in retail price substantially for February 14th. Wouldn’t it be nice to give or receive a bigger bouquet for the same price a week later instead?
  5. February 14th can fall on any day of the week, which can make getting home from work and putting kids to bed for school etc. difficult if you’re trying to go out on a weeknight. Instead, you can pick a night that works best for you.
  6. Celebrating after Valentine’s Day gives you more time to remind your significant other that your celebration day is approaching.
  7. The most important message of Valentine’s Day is to share love with the ones you love, and can’t that happen all the time?

The ideas we may hold for Valentine’s Day celebrations are probably more based on cultural traditions, so go ahead and start your own tradition of celebrating in a new, non-February 14th way. XOXO


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