Sleeping and Newborns: The Class I wish I took


Enjoy your sleep while you still can! 

You’re going to be a lot more tired once that baby arrives! 

You’ll never sleep again! 

As soon as people find out that you are pregnant, they love to tell you all about the sleep you will never have. It’s a bit terrifying for new parents-to-be, and for many families, sadly true. In our sleep deprived state we become desperate to do anything to get a newborn baby to slumber. Rocking….swaying…..holding…..feeding to sleep. ANYTHING. And then an hour later, the baby wakes up and the cycle starts all over again. 

newborn sleep class

Fortunately there is another option. Healthy sleep habits are much easier to create than try to correct, and that is where Taking Cara Babies comes to the rescue. Cara is a registered nurse, mom of four and magician baby sleep consultant. In order to help families feel rested and have the most effective bonding time possible, Cara has created a newborn sleep class for expecting or new parents, to help their babies create these healthy sleep habits in the first 12 weeks of life. Why? Because sleep really is very important. Babies who are rested are less irritable and more content during awake times, and moms who are rested tend to have less anxiety and lower risk of postpartum depression. 

Enter the class I wish I took: Will I Ever Sleep Again?

Offered in person here in Scottsdale, or as an online course ANYWHERE in the world, Will I Ever Sleep Again? is a must for all new parents. In this class, Cara not only addresses sleeping misconceptions (like that all babies need to be sleep trained), but offers her tips focused on feedings, naps, bedtimes, and night awakenings to help families and babies find rest. 

Now, if I had listened to my friend, I would have taken this class. But alas, I thought I knew it all and skipped this wonderful wealth of knowledge….and spent many nights getting up three, four, five times a night with my baby. Cara used her sleep tips and created a plan specifically for my family that now has the little guy sleeping 11 hours a night. And she genuinely cares, about my family and about all of the families she helps. 

If you are in the Phoenix area, you can take Cara’s class in person at Modern Milk, find upcoming dates and sign up HERE

Sleep is the best gift you can give your new baby. As a first time mom or mom of many, this class is the best one ever. Baby sleep is vital for development.

-Dr. Matthew Abrams, MD