New and Noteworthy January {Angela’s List}


All the things we are talking about this month!

One of my favorite things in life is exploring our fantastic city and trying the new restaurant that just opened, discovering the perfect gift at some little boutique, and then sharing all these new finds with you all!

Sometime this list will be local finds, sometimes they will just be life hacks I can’t live without. And occasionally this list will include items I have received for free, but I will always let you know what items or experiences those include.  

So here are the top things I am telling everyone about this month and I hope you learn something new to go discover too!

Decocrated for your home

Decocrated Home Decor Subscription Box Service is one of my favorite quarterly boxes I subscribe to. Every 3 months, I get a giant box of fun home decor items to decorate my house! The box includes new seasonal pillows, pictures, trays and more. I have subscribed to these decorating boxes for over a year now and the very best items they send are ones that are duel purpose and can be easily switched for all the seasons or depending on our mood. So exciting to get a box of surprises each season!

new and noteworthynew and noteworthy

The Collins Small Batch Kitchen

I first fell in love with The Collins Small Batch Kitchen last summer. Their summer menu had a burrata with noble bread and fresh heirloom tomatoes that was delicious. I can only hope it is back on the summer menu next year. But then I discovered their French Onion soup and it was the best French Onion soup I have ever had. Yum! Especially now that the weather is finally getting cooler, this is the greatest thing around! Honestly, I haven’t had a bad thing on the menu, so it you haven’t been, give it a try!

James Anthony Skincare

James Anthony Skincarenew and noteworthy sent us a box of all their best products and I am afraid that I am now addicted to all things James Anthony. I really love the eye cream. The product is in this amazing container that releases directly from the lid with a push. It makes it so easy to get the product when your hands are already wet, plus you get just the right amount needed. It really streamlines my ever expanding beauty routine of using all.the.things needed as I get older. I also like the Holy Veil, I have never seen a product quite like this one. It is a tinted sunscreen with the right amount of coverage without being too heavy or strangely pigmented. So fantastic!

Do you like sharing all the new and noteworthy things in your life with everyone too? Let me know the things you can’t stop talking about so I can try them too! [email protected]


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