Moms’ Night Out Favorites for fun in Scottsdale


If you’re like me, a night out with my girls is EVERYTHING. I’m so lucky to have a group of fellow mom friends nearby to text from time to time to plan our next get-together (and if you’re looking for that, too, check out SMB’s Guide to Mom Groups to start!).

Scheduling is always the biggest challenge: in our busy lives of school or volunteer activities, family travel, spouses on business trips, and so many other things competing for our time, it is not easy, but so worth it. A night out is a chance to share recent ups and downs, get advice for the parenting dilemma of the moment, commiserate, and hopefully laugh at least a little. These things recharge the soul and allow a sense of peace and camaraderie through motherhood. (And if your girlfriends aren’t moms, that offers a welcome change of conversation, too!)

I get it – planning one more thing is nowhere near the top of your day’s priority list. So I’ll help you out by sharing a few of my favorite ideas and local spots for a fun Moms’ Night Out. A key element here is that they are all close by, because while the Valley has tons of amazing restaurants and things to do, what mom wants to spend more than a few of her precious minutes away in the car? Especially if you’re paying a sitter! Consider this your Google search of options for a whole year of nights (or days) out!

  1. Wine Night

So basic, but always a great setting for just relaxing and catching up.

Fave local spots: Sorso, The Living Room, Uncorked

  1. Be Silly

Do something that gets you moving or acting like a kid again, but without the distraction of actual kids.

Fave local spots: Bowlero, Top Golf, or one I haven’t tried yet but want to – an Escape Room!

  1. Hit the movies

Sometimes talking is over-rated, and a couple hours to get lost in another world is just what you and your friends need.

Fave local spots: Studio Movie Grill, Harkins (comfy recliner seats!), or splurge on iPic

  1. Get Crafty

By now you’ve either tried a wine & paint night or you don’t want to, so try one of these places for unique and do-able options for all levels of DIYers!

Fave local spots: Board & Brush, Pinspiration, and my next to hit up: Stencil DIY Studio

  1. Brunch

Every warm-blooded human’s favorite meal, with less risk of falling asleep mid-sentence than at evening gatherings.

Fave local spots: Hash Kitchen, Snooze, Breakfast Kitchen Bar (we are blessed with so many great brunch spots around here, it’s hard to choose!)

Now go text a friend and make some time for YOU! What are your Scottsdale favorites to add to this list?