Miss Behave {girls clothing store for the fashion-forward}


Miss Behave is a girls clothing store located at Fashion Square Mall that has fashion-forward clothing for young girls ages 4 to 14 years old. 

If you have any daughters/nieces/little ladies in your family, you know that they can be VERY opinionated. Sometimes they care about the style of the clothes, sometimes they care about the fit, and they always care about the color. Let’s be honest, if I (as their mom) pick it out, they don’t like it. And even if they say that they will wear something today, there are no guarantees that they will wear that same outfit next week or next month. Insert my heavy sigh!

Frankly, if I buy clothing for my girls (without them), it is super frustrating and a total waste of money. If you are in the same pre-teen/teenage time of life that I am in, you (and your daughter) should check out the Miss Behave store at Fashion Square Mall. They strive to provide the current trends for girls, while still allowing for apparel that fits her needs and is appropriate to her age— and this is certainly not what we find everywhere we go shopping for pre-teen/teenage styles!

Miss Behave loves helping with the transition of young girls growing into their sometimes complicated teenage bodies. Our girls do go through so many changes, (sometimes WAY FASTER then we can plan for) and finding clothes for them can be so difficult. As my girls are getting older, it has been worth the extra effort to find outfits for both formal and more casual events AHEAD of time. If they have a few key pieces of formal and casual go-to outfits, we have so much less stress then trying to fit in a trip to the mall the day or week of a big event. Miss Behave loves helping and watching girls grow into young women shopping with their parents for school functions, dances, and everyday wear.  

Miss Behave has many options of causal wear, active wear, rompers/jumpers, and both casual and formal dresses. They understand that pre-teen/teenagers need a place of their own to shop for clothing that fits that in between age. They understand how difficult is can be shopping for this age and they aim to create an easier shopping experience for all involved while still having fun! 

Visit Miss Behave at Fashion Square Mall with your daughter to find the fashion-forward, but appropriate clothes that you and your child can agree on!

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Scottsdale Moms Blog is excited to have Miss Behave as a sponsor! We love supporting local companies that are passionate about helping us find great clothes for the young ladies in our lives.