March SMB Photo of the Month WINNER


Drum roll please…..the winner of the March Scottsdale Moms Blog Photo of the Month is Shea S and her picture of her sweet twin girls, Audrie and Ellie.

How cute are they?!!!

Here’s a little bit about Shea via a fun little get-to-know-you questionnaire.  (adapted from the Kimberly JarmanVendor Highlight posts)


Tell us a little about your family.

My story really begins in 2003 when I moved from Kansas to AZ to attend graduate school.  My “then boyfriend,”  & now husband, Justin moved out a year later.   We lived in Ahwatukee for the first 7 years, then moved to N. Scottsdale last summer & we are loving it.  My husband works in Real Estate & is the most amazing husband/father.  He grew up on a farm so he’s VERY handy, he’s a hard worker, a great provider, an involved Dad, & most definitely my best friend.  After graduating from ASU,  I did pharmaceutical sales for a few years.   And this is where it gets interesting..  We got married in 2008, then we were pregnant in 2009.  At our first ultrasound the Dr. told us the “baby” looked great.   Fast forward a few months…we are back in Kansas visiting family when we developed some complications.  We thought we may have lost the baby but what followed was quite possibly the most life changing news ever!  TWINS!  Not only did we have a healthy baby, but we had 2.   This was the most overwhelming, indescribable feeling.  Our identical twin girls, Audrie & Ellie were born June 2009.  I left my job to be a SAHM & we feel so completely & totally blessed!

What is your signature dance move?

Allegedly I do a move which is a variation of “raise the roof” and waving my arms side to side.  This is evidenced by our 2 daughters doing the exact same move.  God bless them!..”Sorry Audrie & Ellie,  it really is too bad that you had to learn your dance moves from your mother!”

If your life became a biography, what would the title be?

And Then There Were 3..OOPS I MEAN 4!


If you were a TV show character, who would you be?

Monica from Friends…she’s a neat freak, competitive, & slightly neurotic….Now, when you put it like that it doesn’t make me sound very like-able, but I swear I’m a nice person:)

What is your ring tone/caller tune, and what does it say about you?

Well, it’s a generic one that came with my iPhone.  I think that says I’m too lazy and/or busy to download anything better.

At the end of the day the most important thing in life is:

At the end of the day I think it’s all about being grateful.  I really try to appreciate the people & things in my life.   Before we go to sleep, my husband & I like to say 3 things that we are grateful for each day.

Your favorite song in high school was…?

Oh, goodness…I LOVE music, but a couple of songs that I remember listening to a lot were, Song For Mama, by BOYZ II Men & Blister in the Sun, by Violent Femmes.  I can remember “cruising” the streets of the small town I grew up in listening to these 2 for sure.

At Barnes and Noble, what section are we most likely to find you?

I normally head straight for the kids section…the girls really love books!  If I were looking for myself though, you’d find me either in the photography section or “the chick literature section.”  Jane Green is one of my favorite authors.

If you were to win the lottery, what would your charity of choice be and why?

Cancer Research Institute.  I’ve seen so many people affected by cancer & it’s so tragic.  Particularly childhood cancer really just tugs at my heart strings.

What are your favorite kind of sneakers, and why?

Are flip flops a type of sneaker? Just kidding, since taking up running I love my Sauconys…they aren’t all that cute, but man are they comfortable.

Read more about Shea and her family at her blog


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