Making Time to Read


making time to read

I have always loved to read. My mom tells stories from my childhood about having to take away my books during the summer so I would go outside and play. We used to go the library every Sunday afternoon, and I would spend hours picking out stacks of books to read each week.

As an adult, I still read every book I can get my hands on. My ex-husband purchased one of the first e-readers for me, in hopes that it would cut down on the book clutter around the house (it did, and I love having all my books available on one device). When E was born, I spent those first few months nursing her in the rocking chair, and reading all the books on my ipad. I didn’t mind (too much) that she would only sleep in my lap, because it gave me free time to read.

I recently read that a large percentage of Americans do not read another book after they leave school. This statement makes me so sad. It can certainly be difficult to make time to read when you are working/raising a family/living life, but it sets such a good example for kids when they see their parents enjoy books. Here are a few ways I am making time to read as a mom.

Read before bed

Every night before I go to sleep, I read a little bit. It may only be for a few minutes, but I get through each book on my list a little bit at a time.

Listen to audio books in the car

I have a pretty long commute right now, and listening to audio books makes the drive time more interesting. Audible will give you a free credit when you sign up to try their monthly subscription service (just remember to cancel before the first month is up if you decide not continue your subscription). You can also listen to family friendly books if you are driving long distances (or even just around town).

Join (or create) a book club

You probably know other moms who would like to get together once a month and hang out, why not have everyone read the same book so you have something new to talk about? I started a virtual book club group on Facebook for my friends. We take turns picking the books, and answer discussion questions online. Here are some tips for keeping a lasting book club. 

Join Goodreads 

I love this social website to find new books to read based on books I’ve already read. You can see recommendations from other users, or friends that use the site. Log on from your home computer, or download the app onto your smart phone so you can look for new books while you are on the go.

Most importantly, remember reading is supposed to be fun! Choose a book because it sounds interesting, not because you think you should. Take a family trip to the library, and make sure to pick out a book for yourself too.