Kids Haircuts in Scottsdale


I’ve been feeling a little bit left out with all of this talk about back to school. So, I thought I’d add my own two cents about life in preschool-land and the all-important question of “What do I do with this child’s hair?”.

Judging by my Facebook and Instagram feeds, lots and lots of you took your kids in to get back-to-school hair cuts (did you use the coupon provided by Rolf’s Salon at Mom’s Night Out?) But, I’m here to say that selecting a hairstyle for my child has been a CHALLENGE.

First off, my daughter is hair-challenged. This is a picture of her just a few months shy of her SECOND BIRTHDAY:

Nope, I didn’t cut her bangs, they are just barely staring to grow. Although, I did trim off the mullet that was partying in the back because that was just wrong to let it go untended.

I have searched and searched everywhere trying to find a good example of what in the world to do with her hair. I think I just assumed that my daughter would automatically grow long curly locks and by the time she was old enough to talk have a bouncing ponytail hanging off the back of her head.

See Steph’s daughter Nora age 3 taken by Session Nine Photography just this past June:

This is what I thought every little girl had by the time her third birthday rolls around.

Ah well. That’s NOT the case. But that doesn’t mean my little girl needs to go around with crazy wispy hair until it fills in a bit more!

Enter, my friends Paris, Jessica and Pinterest.

I actually was out of town on my little mom-retreat when I received a text from my husband that he set up an appointment to take Reagan into get her hair cut…and the appointment was in 20 minutes. I frantically searched Pinterest on my phone and sent him these three images.

He took her in looking like this:

…and came out with a very sleek little almost THREE-year-old, if I do say so myself:

And just for kicks, here’s the side-by-side comparison of the wild-child (left) and the sophisticate (right):

So tell me, what challenges did back to school time face for your kids and their hair??? Does anyone have a success story to share??? Please do tell!

This post is generously sponsored by Rolf’s Salon (if you attended Mom’s Night Out, don’t forget Rolf’s provided an awesome coupon in your swag bag!). The story, the kiddo and the opinions here are, of course, all my own. 


  1. Baylor was still nearly bald at 2! A family member told me to keep trimming it and it would grow faster…sure enough, but about 2 and a half, it really started to grow in. Thankfully Ms.R is so stinking cute, it doesn’t matter what her hair looks like 😉

  2. My boy’s hair was butchered. I had to go out and purchase scissors to repair it. Considering that we left the store with his hair damp it was tough to inform it was so messed up.

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