Introducing a new Pediatric Dentist in North Scottsdale


Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics just opened their fourth valley location in North Scottsdale, conveniently located on Pima Road in the Grayhawk area. The dental team has been cleaning and caring for Arizona children’s dental needs for ten years!

The Palm Valley Pediatric team of dentists are all board certified and received their training in children’s dentistry, plus two more years of specialized education. In addition to the pediatric dental services offered, including your baby’s first dental cleaning, the team can also do tooth extractions and tongue and lip tie releases using a quick and painless CO2 laser.

The brand new, state of the art Scottsdale location is the perfect pediatric dental office to make your child excited to go visit the dentist. The waiting room is designed to make your child feel comfortable and the tablets and games will help them be relaxed and look forward to their dental visits.

In addition to providing services for all of your child’s pediatric dental needs, the Scottsdale office also offers orthodontic procedures for all ages!

Schedule your appointment by visiting the website or emailing the office at [email protected].


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Angela Barako
Angela Barako has loved living in Scottsdale for the last 22 years with her husband, Tom and three daughters (plus two dogs). Angela is the co-owner of Phoenix Moms, Scottsdale Moms and Flagstaff Mom Collective. Plus she had been a member of the Scottsdale team as a contributor since 2011. She reads lots of books, is a big college football fan (Go Big Red and Sun Devils!), likes cooking, loves Pilates, sometimes attempts to garden, and is addicted to reality TV.