Holiday Danger Zones


blog-dangerBaby it’s cold outside! Time to bust out the Christmas decorations…or is it?

The past couple of years I find more and more of my holiday bins are staying in the garage untouched. The reason is that most of my decorations are breakable or not even remotely kid safe causing some major holiday danger zones.

Did you know for many ER’s, this is the busiest time of year?

Having a background in news I have lived the horror stories (this has definitely made me an overbearing, paranoid, high anxiety parent). The entire “this could happen” scenario HAS happened- we’ve reported it. So, on that note I am going to share a few safety tip reminders. We know the basics- electricity, fireplaces, choking hazards (ribbon, ornaments, fake snow, tinsel, garland.. I could go on and on, let’s be honest; EVERYthing is a choking hazard when you have a kid). If you are a new mom or just need a refresher, here are the things I think we sometimes forget about:


blog-3 You know the ones I am talking about, the button kind that look like candy (lithium batteries). Kids have been known to swallow them. They can cause severe injury…even death. I personally break out in a sweat when I see toys that have these batteries. If swallowed, the salvia triggers a chemical reaction which causes a severe burn from the inside out. This can all happen within two hours of ingesting.


Ditch the Winter Coat

blog1I am not saying let your kid freeze, just take off the jacket before buckling up in a car seat. A bulky coat and a car seat can be a dangerous combo. A jacket can cause the car seat harness to be too loose and not work the way they should in a crash.



Strap Down the Furniture
This is something that ideally should be done year round, but with holiday decorations going up, there may be more of a temptation to climb. Lock down that dresser, bookshelves, and in my case- wine cabinets.

Parking Lots
It’s the busiest time of the year everywhere and it seems everyone is in a rush to get to where they are going. Parking lots are packed. There are a lot of distractions. It gets dark earlier. Hold on to your little ones.

Poisonous Plants

Some of the most popular holiday plants used for decorations can be very toxic such as holly, mistletoe and Jerusalem cherry plants. Even poinsettias can be dangerous to a lesser degree. Try and keep them out of the house or at least out of reach. OR just go with a good fake.  It’s always a good idea ANYtime of the year to have the Poison Control Number handy, so here you go: 1-800-222-1222


Hot Surfaces
Candles, scent burners, and stoves. You know the drill. When making that holiday feast, make sure the pot or pan handle is turned inward, away from hands reach of passing toddlers.

Wishing you and yours a very SAFE and happy holiday season!