Halloween Kid Costume Torture



It’s that time of year again, candy corn, cooler temps, pumpkin spiced everything and (gulp) hunting down a Halloween costume for my kid.

I feel an irrational amount of pressure picking the perfect Halloween costume. I don’t know where it stems from. Maybe it’s the perfect world portrayed on Pinterest, or living up to my friends who post these magical Halloween pictures on social media. It could be the fear of my kids looking back and saying, “Mom what were you thinking dressing me like that?!?” Let’s be honest, looking back on a couple of my childhood Halloweens the costumes were questionable. One year I was dressed as Big Bird with a plastic mask. The mask was super creepy (and don’t even get me started on the safety hazards of that plastic mask.)

For my sons first Halloween we dressed him in a beagle dog costume to match our beloved pet. It just so happened that day was also record temps and my poor baby was sweltering in the cute costume that consisted of long sleeves, pants, booties and a hat. We stripped him down before we even made it out of the house. I have only two pictures because it was pure chaos trying to get the baby and the beagle to sit still.
Halloween fail.
Lesson learned… or so I thought.

For year two I figured I would keep it simple. I wasn’t going to throw down big money on a cute costume again. So we went with cowboy. The best part, we already had most the pieces of the costume in the closet. I should have known accessorizing a toddler was like wrangling cats. The hat never stayed on, the sheriff badge was pulled off and thrown, never to be seen again, and I ended up carrying the fake guns and horse around the neighborhood.

Lately, I’ve been googling and scrolling through Pinterest for ideas to make up for the last two years. And this year I have the added pressure of dressing a newborn. I’ve come up empty handed. The anxiety has kicked in. I am losing sleep. I am sending out an S.O.S. and begging for suggestions.

What are your go-to simple Halloween costumes for kids?