Fun Fantasy Dinner for the Whole Family


Scottsdale Moms and family had such a blast at Medieval Times in Scottsdale last weekend enjoying a fun fantasy dinner.

I remember going to Medieval Times when I was a kid. We would go to the California location every time we visited relatives there. It brought back such great memories and I am so glad my children got to experience the fun too.

We loved the fantasy and adventure that begins as soon as you walk up to the castle. The horses are all beautiful and entertaining to watch, all of the employees are fully in character to make you feel like you are literally in Medieval Times. My favorite part is that you feel like you are at the theater but the crowd is all fully invested to the story line as well as the “actors.”

If you have not been to Medieval Times before, the food is really good and you get plenty to eat. We all did enjoy the fun of eating our fantasy dinner with our hands. There is definitely something for all ages.

There were tons of multigenerational families at our event celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and family get-togethers. We thought it was so fun to root for our team and fully “boo-ed” all the enemies.

I checked out their menu beforehand, and they do offer a variety of menu options for different dietary restrictions which is such a nice touch for all families.

There are lots of show times available.

Thank you for Medieval Times for providing tickets for my family to experience a fun afternoon in the castle.


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