Friday Favorites {Sara}


I’m only two kids in, but I definitely have preferences and favorites for baby and toddler products. Here are a few of my favorites.

favorite toddler products
PackiT lunchbox and Kidecal name label
  1. Burt’s Baby Bee Multipurpose Ointment – This miracle ointment is so smooth and works like a charm on well, just a about anything! I’ve used this on both my kids and prefer it to all other body butters, diaper creams, or petroleum jelly. Plus my 4 year old loves to say Burt’s Bees Baby Bee over an over again. 
  2. Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer – Anyone hate diaper changing pads that you have to wash over and over, not to mention a waterproof pad that slides all around? Here is your answer! When you first look at the price, you’ll think that it can’t be worth it. I’m here to tell you it really is! First, mine has lasted 4 years and two kids and still looks new. You don’t have to spend money or time washing it when your little love decides to go when the diaper is off, just wipe it down. And finally, you don’t have to buy all the accessories like the pad cover and water proof pads so the cost is almost equivalent. ($130)
  3. Magnetic Me magnet closure baby clothes – These smart close clothes are a sanity saver for parents with young babes. We have loved to use the magnet pjs from newborns through 3 months. No messing with buttons or zippers, it closes by itself! We stopped using them after 3 months as I found that when the kids became more mobile, the closures would come open more often.
  4. Yum Box – This bento box is leakproof! Yes, it really is. After 2 years, ours is still standing strong. Each compartment is leakproof, so you can add yogurt, ranch dressing, pasta salad, hummus and more without worry that it will migrate into the other compartments or outside of the box. It’s top dishwasher safe and fits in every lunch bag I’ve tried it in (for a lunch box that doesn’t need an ice pack, check out PACKiT lunch bags)
  5. Kidecals – As soon as your child goes to school or daycare, you’ll need to invest in a way to
    YumBox and Marcus & Marcus Spoon

    mark your child’s belongings. Instead of just using a permanent marker that rubs off anyway, check out these waterproof, dishwasher safe personalized and customizable labels. My daughter loves to put them on her favorite toys as well, park going sand toys, and pool gear. ALL of her water bottles still have the sticker on there from 2 years ago. I’m impressed.

And one for mommies…

  1. Just Cottons – This Etsy shop makes so many versions of a robe, you’re bound to find one you’ll like. They even have kaftan gowns for the hospital and you can choose snaps for an epidural or breastfeeding. They are so pretty, you’ll wear them pre and post baby. Plus you can add pockets to any of them! These are so perfect that if you buy one as a gift, you might just keep it for yourself (oops).

Worth a mention…

gro anywhere blind – When traveling away from home, you arrive at the vacation rental home only to realize there aren’t any curtains in the kids’ rooms. You scream “How are they going to nap!” These blackout travel shades come with suction cups so you can stick them to the window. Problem solved.

Marcus & Marcus feeding spoon dispenser – This rocket ship spoon looks silly and you may think why spend money on this, but it really does make feeding time a less messy task!

Disclaimer: All thoughts on these products are my own, and I have not been compensated for my opinions.