Friday Favorites {Jessica}


Friday favorites 3Hello! I’m Jessica and this week it’s my turn to share some of my Friday Favorites. I took a look at my daily life and routine and tried to decide, of all things I use, touch, and wear each day – what would I feel lost without? So here is that list, my very favorite things to make my life easier and more comfortable. Feel free to share below! Have you used any of these products? What are your current Friday favorites?!

Passion Planner: Yes, I am still a pen and paper kind of person, this is an area of life I just haven’t been able to let technology take over. This planner is the best because aside from just planning out your day and month, it also has space to reflect and set goals and separate areas for personal and work lists.

HydroFlask Water Bottles: Staying hydrated is no joke in this town, and these water bottles are the best. I can fill it with ice and water, leave it in my car for quick drinks between errands – and it stays ice cold ALL DAY. Even in the intense summer heat.Friday favorites

Mox Shoes: I spent all of spring looking for a perfect pair of comfortable, easy to wear shoes that still look cute (and didn’t get the summer, sweaty feet smell). These shoes are all of those things. They fit so well and are super easy to clean – just rinse them off in the sink! Plus they remind me of the jellies I loved as a child.

Charcoal Cleansing Bar: from BeautyCounter: I can’t even count how many different types of face washes I’ve tried over the last ten years, but this one is by far my favorite. I love that it is chemical free, but mostly I love that it works – my pores are cleaner and smaller than they have ever been and I don’t get the tight, dried out skin feeling that other cleansers leave me with.

For the Love” by Jen Hatmaker: I just finished reading this book and I love its mixture of humor, encouragement, and grace. She shares stories from her life, marriage, and parenthood – she talks about the value of friendship and relationships, and relates to women on so many levels. You will laugh and cry and feel better after each chapter.