Friday Favorites {Marissa}


Friday favorites 2Marissa is kicking off our new series “Friday Favorites” sharing all the things she is loving in her life right now! Take a look…you may just find your next favorite place or product.

During my last pregnancy, had you asked me to do an article on my “current favorites” when I was 8 or 9 months along, they would have all been pregnancy or baby-related. Boy have things changed during this pregnancy! I definitely find myself longing for non-maternity clothes and adult-only conversation or activities. That being said, here are a few of my favorite things at the moment:

Zoya Nail Polish. Since I am at the point where only a select few tops and dresses are fitting (and I refuse to buy anymore), I have been going all-out with my nails more often. I have used only Zoya for years now, as they are a“Big 5 Free & Vegan Friendly Brand” and their colors are amazing.  However, lately I’ve been getting a little more bold with my choices, and enjoying some fun spring colors. The polish dries quickly, so I can do it between errands, which I love.

This Target nightgown.  I love it, and it loves me. So comfy, and since we have been sleeping with windows open and no air conditioning lately, I need something light and airy! I think it will be a pretty easy item to breastfeed in too (though only time will tell), so I may have to get a few more…

Vanicream. My daughter has pretty bad eczema, and since her dermatologist recommended this line, I have seen a definitive improvement! My favorite is the moisturizing skin cream and the cleansing bar for every day maintenance, and for when I can see some skin irritation starting to pop up, I follow-up the lotion with Vaniply. While it hasn’t solved all of our problems, it has helped – and I am so grateful!

Rafterhouse. I’m not quite sure how I found them – but I recently became a little obsessed with Rafterhouse after following them on Instagram. They redo homes—mostly in Arcadia—and they are all to-die-for beautiful. I love a good home improvement blog or show, but it is sometimes very hard to transfer that look to our Arizona homes. It is really refreshing to see some of these updates in our own neighborhoods!  Now if only I could get them to freshen up my old sixties Scottsdale tri-level!

Books about becoming a big sister. So this has been our big push for a few months since my daughter will be a big sister any day now. The ones we are both loving include: The Baby is Here (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood),  The New Baby by Mercer Mayer, and The Bestest Baby by Anthea Simmons. My daughter pulls these out at least a few times a week, so I’m hoping the excitement continues on when her baby sister is actually born!  All three of these have cute story lines that delve into becoming a big brother or sister – like helping decorate the room, looking in on baby when they’re sleeping, and letting baby grab your finger. Though they also point out some things that might drive big sister crazy (like smelly diapers and breaking toys), and that always makes me smile.

So there you have it! Some random things I’m really enjoying right now! What are you loving at the moment? Anything you’d like to share?



  1. Oooooh, Rafterhouse is awesome! I love how they do the craftsman look and make the houses a little more unique than we typically get here in the desert.

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