Family Photos with Taylor Cole

This post is sponsored by Taylor Cole Photography, we hope you enjoy learning about her business!

Family photos, some people swear by them and others cringe at the thought of getting them done. I totally understand both ends of this spectrum. I am the mom that loves the after product. I love displaying photos of my family around the house and throughout social media, I am really proud of my tribe. But girl, let me tell you, I HATE getting ready and the actual process of getting the photos done. 

family photos

My daughter is a ham and really enjoys the process of working with a photographer so I can’t say that is a struggle either. It’s me, its 110% me. The process of finding outfits that match, getting myself ready (which includes washing my hair and then styling), getting my daughter ready and heading out the door stresses me out to even think about as I am writing this.

So when I was offered the chance to work with a new local photographer Taylor Cole I had a ton of mixed feelings. I knew it was going to be worth it and they would be memories that we would have for a lifetime but that before process haunted my mind. I took the offer because I knew I would regret it and let me tell you, I would have really regretted saying no after meeting Taylor.

Taylor is originally from California, she moved here with her husband and they are prepping for their first baby coming soon. She was kind, patient, and the second I saw her waiting for us at the entrance of the Botanical Gardens I knew everything was going to be perfect. She had this calming effect that washed over me instantly. She was patient with my daughter, she didn’t put us in weird awkward positions and throughout the shoot she made us feel like old friends. There is nothing worse than an impersonal photographer. We laughed and walked around the gardens and she snapped away as we interacted with one another. This was probably one of my easiest shoots to date!

Taylor’s work speaks for itself. In just under an hour she was able to create a gallery of images that will last a lifetime for us. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her and if you are looking for family photos of your own she is your girl! I even noticed she has a cute little in-home studio that has such a casual family feel! (Next on my bucket list!). 

How does Taylor feel about the work she does? She eloquently states: “I will capture you naturally and want to show you the beauty that I see. I live for the in-between moments. my images are full of light, emotion and movement. think about the images that you cherish from your childhood – they are not the posed ones. They are the ones with your siblings and your parents on the floor with you, playing with your favorite toys. they show playful laughter, butterfly kisses and cuddles…I want to capture these same moments For you to share with the generations to come.”

Taylor is easy to get ahold of and if you would like to see more of her work I would suggest heading over to her Instagram @taylorcolephoto or if you prefer the more traditional route her website can be found here.