Experience of a lifetime {3 day wellness retreat}


Have you visited the Arizona Biltmore Resort since they remodeled the entire property? It is absolutely gorgeous and there is so much history to discover! Next month they are offering a wellness retreat focusing on personal self-discovery. We were lucky enough to get to test out the services before the actual retreat in a few weeks. We ate delicious, healthy meals, had a cacao ritual with a Reiki master and a sound bath meditation.


We also were invited to experience the serene Tierra Luna Spa. We could spend the whole day there, just relaxing and recouping from all of life’s daily ups and downs. It could be just what you need to reset your brain and body.


Arizona Biltmore’s upcoming Tierra Luna Spa Solstice Retreat will take place at Tierra Luna Spa and Sol Garden from September 22nd – 24th. The experience will feature renowned wellness experts such as Reiki master Danielle Nicole, and meditation guide and professional counselor Sam Harper, who will guide attendees through a transformative journey of self-discovery.


The itinerary includes intentional sunrise walks, morning meditations, yoga, aqua fitness at the Catalina Pool, somatic breathwork, sound healing, and outdoor painting. Additionally, there will be free time for guests to explore the stunning grounds, indulge in leisure activities, enjoy history tours of the recently restored 94-year-old resort, and savor nourishing cuisine.

Those who wish to attend can reserve their spots here.

Thank you to the Arizona Biltmore for letting us preview the wellness retreat and get some much needed relaxation in their beautiful spa.