Embarrassing First Trimester Moments (that you tend to forget about)


firrt trimester

The first trimester is so, so exciting, but also a bit terrifying – no matter if it is your first or your fourth kid. Pair not being quite comfortable with telling everyone that you are expecting with unpredictable nausea, and you have yourself a party.  In case you forgot what beautiful, embarrassing moments those first 12-14 weeks bring, here is a quick list. You’re welcome.

  1. Open zipperI can’t be the only one who feels uncomfortable about this! I have days where I fit into everything just fine, and then pop—out comes the belly for a bit, and I may not have my belly band act together quite yet. Or I may just be making do with a hair tie or rubber band. Either way, the buttons on my pants are just open—and I am absolutely, positively sure someone is going to comment on it every time I am in public. Ugh, those maternity pants seem so wonderful, yet so far away at this point.
  1. Using the work bathroom. This is horrible. One, because the shared work bathroom is So. Far. Away. And two, because if I have any nausea at all, I need to book it over there (quietly), do whatever I need to do (quietly), and slink out hoping that one of my coworkers did not happen to be in there at the same time. Also – gross, it’s a shared bathroom. I would like to just sit next to my own toilet for a half hour or so please. Though when I do, there is usually a dog and a toddler staring at me, so I don’t know which is worse.
  1. Ordering drinks. I may or may not like my occasional tasty beverage, and when I go to order in front of friends it can get tricky. I have been known to track down the waitress on the sly to order something non-alcoholic (but something that still looks exciting), and my husband and I have perfected ordering two beers, with him drinking mine on the sly (side note: I think my husband loves the first trimester). This may not seem embarrassing, but when you are over-sharing about how far along you are to a server in a random hallway, you’ll  remember why it made the list.
  1. Sneaky Googling. After my first pregnancy, I swore I would never be able to forget all that pregnancy/health/wellness information that I indulged on. I was completely wrong. I forgot it within minutes of giving birth. Which of course leads me to searching “what sushi can I safely have while pregnant” in the bathroom stall of a nice restaurant. It is alright though—since I am pregnant, and need to pee every five minutes, I would probably be in the bathroom anyway.

What are your funny first trimester moments? Share below!