From the Editor’s Desk: Summer in AZ


Since launching in 2010, Scottsdale Moms Blog has been a wealth of information for local and visiting families. We have had so many contributors share their advice and tips for all things parenting and living life in AZ. After publishing, much of the wonderful information gets lost in the world of archives. We started this series to bring these posts back to life. We will focus on a different theme each month and bring you the best that SMB has on that topic.

It’s official, we are knee deep in an Arizona summer. Our contributor’s have spent LOTS of time entertaining children and attempting to stay cool during these scorching months. Here are some of our favorite articles from the past years, hopefully some of these ideas and tips will help you and the kids keep sane this summer!

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So when this week hit 108 – yikes! I began searching the cobwebs of my brain for some of our favorite ways to keep cool.  These are some {hopefully} easy ideas for when you don’t feel like loading up the car and venturing out into the heat.

This summer, I’m upping my game–Smoothie Pops!  It’s basically a smoothie on a stick.  I like to keep my kiddos’ refined sugar intake very low, so making homemade summertime goodies is a great way to monitor that.  I’m one of those sneaky moms that likes to slip healthy snacks past the goalie whenever possible; these yogurt pops are a cool, creamy treat that your kids are sure to love (and that you can feel great about, too!)

There are just too many HOT days and too few indoor things to do. That’s where I need your help! I’d like to make a list of things to do that I can fall back on when I’m tired of my “tried and true” summer activities. Now I know some of you are a bit comment squeamish…But – here’s your opportunity to shine. What free and cheap activities would you recommend other local moms do during the hot summer months?

There are adventure, sports, art, and educational camps all over the city and it is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of choices. To make these decisions a little less daunting for mom, here are five tips on picking the right summer camp for your kids.

With another month 3 months of heat remaining, I thought it timely to share some of our favorite and fun water activities to keep your kids busy and cool until November.

I spent so many hours carting around kids from one VBS to another singing camp, to recreational swim team.  I cut play dates short to make it to movie times- our summer was ANYTHING but lazy.  Sure, the kids had a blast, and they didn’t even have time to be bored…but there wasn’t much time for relaxing or lounging or pitching a tent in the back yard.