Do You Know What To Wear for Family Photos?


Family PhotosDoesn’t being out in 110+ degree heat with a fabulous frock on, a face full of make up, high heels and husbands/kids just sound like a walk in the park?! HA! Forget that! I can’t help but notice that practically every photographer I have given a “LIKE” to on Facebook is offering Fall Sessions or Mini Sessions! Here in Arizona, fall marks the return of outdoor anything, especially photography. We’re finally back on the map for endless photo and outfit possibilities!

Last year I posted some easy tips for taking great photos on THE LifeStyled COMPANY blog; refresh your memory or read it for the first time here. Now that you’ve got your pearly whites ready for some camera action, “what to wear for family photos” flashes across your mind!

Kiddos are fairly easy to style… simply because they look so friggin cute in everything. One piece of advice: layer. Layer everyone and layer them like crazy. The proportions on kids aren’t nearly as critical as they are on adults, so again, everything just ends up looking cute!

Husbands are also pretty easy simply because they throw some goo in their hair, have a 5 o’clock shadow and spray a little starch on their shirt and they, too, look perfect!

It’s us ladies who require just a bit more planning and preparation. Don’t spill your Pumpkin Spice Latte shaking in fear! We can do this, and I guarantee you’re going to look more photogenic than ever before!

Try some of these styling ideas for colorful and dynamic family photos!

Slide3The Red/Orange/Yellow color scheme is perfect for indoor or outdoor photos as there are natural elements to these colors but also a component that pops. You will pop right off of the photo with these bright tones! If you’ve got dark hair, this is also an awesome compliment to the rich tones in your locks. Be sure you don’t mistake the yellow featured on this board for one that should be worn during spring and summer months which will look like a brightly color Popsicle among the crisp air of a fall photo shoot!

A Green/Blue palate is a perfect match for the mother or women looking to keep things beachy and airy, although shooting in a full blown fall manner. You can layer all shades of these colors while still practically feeling the sand between your toes! Keep your make-up really natural to continue your beach vibe.
The Blush/Tan look is all the rage in just about everything from home decor to formal wear. This scheme is made for the ultra fem gal or would be a pleasant surprise for those of you who may not always gravitate toward really feminine looks but want to look soft and ethereal. This palate would be absolutely stunning when shooting in that late afternoon light of oncoming dusk! Feel free to compliment the Blush/Tan staples with Grays, Greens and even your blonde locks!
A Brown/Black color scheme is bold. It’s classic. It’s contemporary. It’s modern. If your shoot is taking place in an expansive field or under a towering tree, the modern and crisp attributes of these colors provide an unexpected contrast to the natural elements. Black is always super slimming and goes with any accent color. Pair your Brown and Blacks with natural textures in complimenting pieces such as suede shoes or a leather jacket. Be sure to break up the spaces in your body such as a brown belt with your black pants or a gray scarf to rest on the shoulders of your black blouse.
All of the items/photos were found originally on Pinterest and can be viewed on our Pinterest board here!