DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath



Our contributor, Renee, makes the most beautiful wreaths for every celebration! She is sharing her tips on how to make your own Valentine’s Day wreath! 

Confession: I LOVE to decorate for the holidays. My husband is thankful that we don’t have a basement, because if we did, he’s sure I would fill it with color-coordinated storage bins filled with decorations. Since I just have one corner of the garage to fill, I’m limited to one bin per major holiday. Still, our definition of major varies. I digress.

For now, since I’ve got two little boys, I don’t have much time to take on intricate projects. I do, however, love to make crafts that look professional and can be done, start to finish, in about an hour. So with that, I bring you my next craft for the upcoming “major” holiday:

The DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath


  • DIYmeshribbons21” roll of deco mesh. Originally $10, on sale $1 @ Michaels after Christmas
    18” roll mesh. Originally $8, on sale $1 @ Walmart after Christmas
  • 6” roll sheer ribbon. Originally $6, on sale $1 @ Walmart after Christmas
  • 16” wire frame with ties. Originally $5.99, on sale $3 @ Michaels with coupon
  • Seasonal ribbon. Originally $1.99, but $1 @ Michaels with coupon
  • Seasonal ornaments. Originally $4.99, but $2.50 @ Michaels with coupon
  • Florist wire. $1

Total = approximately $10, if you catch the sales and use coupons


1. BreDIYframeathe, it’s a lot easier than it looks! This stuff is really easy to work with, very forgiving, and if you think you made a mistake, easy to fix.

2. Take a wide roll of mesh and make a pouf about 10” in length. Attach to the wire frame by twisting the ties around. Don’t secure it very tightly until you have finished and are happy with the look of your wreath.

3. The ties go back and forth, from the inside of the wreath to the outside. Continue attaching a length at a time until you reach the starting point. You want to use the whole roll of mesh without cutting it, so you might need to make some adjustments. Mine didn’t quite make it to my starting point, but I liked the way it looked, so when I started with the next roll, I made sure I covered my bare spot.

DIYmesh4. Repeat with your next roll of mesh, adjusting the poufs of mesh to shape you want. My second roll of mesh was a bit narrower but more decorative with metallic threads. The wider your rolls of mesh, the fuller your wreath.

5. Repeat with your third roll of narrow mesh or sheer ribbon. I used a sheer netting with metallic accents this time and it wasn’t long enough to attach at each tie on the wreath, so I only attached where it looked good and gave me the length to go all around the circle.

6. Repeat with a roll of holiday ribbon, attaching sporadically to allow you make it around the whole circle. I used a white ribbon with glittery red hearts in theme with Valentine’s Day.

7. Secure all the ties and hide the ends under the layers of mesh. Attach ornaments with florist wire over the major tie points.


Shop the After-Christmas Sale at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Walmart. You can get crafting supplies for a fraction of the pre-holiday prices if you plan ahead. Reds for Valentine’s Day, greens for St. Pat’s, blues for 4th of July, etc. I’ll be buying up the Valentine decorations the day after, so wave if you see me!

How did this turn out for you? And where do you find bargain craft supplies?