Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments Using Repurposed Holiday Cards {TBT from SMB}


Genius idea, worth re-visiting!

Christmas ornament, DIY, holiday cards, Christmas cards

If I just had more hours in the day, I would craft and play in the local hobby store all the time! But I don’t, so I have to choose my favorite crafts and incorporate them in my busy life.

One of my favorite holiday crafts is to take the extra photo Christmas cards that I have after mailing the rest, and make DIY Christmas ornaments. It is so precious so see our family’s old Christmas cards hanging on the tree! One day I envision a separate small tree in the house just for these special ornaments.

These are also great as gifts for your friends and families – save their photo Christmas card from the previous year and gift their keepsake ornament the following year.

Holiday Keepsake Ornament Craft Using Re-purposed Holiday Cards


Cut out 2″ circles in the Christmas card, focusing on capturing the best faces, important names or dates and design. I used a circle punch I bought at the local craft store, which makes the perfect circle and saves time cutting.

Christmas ornament, DIY, holiday cards, Christmas cards

Using a pre-cut triangle as a guide, fold in three edges of your circles to make a triangle shape in the middle. I used an old cardboard box, and cut a triangle out to use as a guide.

Christmas ornament, DIY, holiday cards, Christmas cards


Christmas ornament, DIY, holiday cards, Christmas cards

Then apply a small amount of glue (I used my glue gun) along the folded edges of the circles one piece at a time. Keep gluing the circles together until they form into the shape of a ball. Sometimes you may not have enough circles cut out from your old Christmas card, but that’s okay – you can find some cardboard/scrapbook paper and that works to fill in the ornament too.

Christmas ornament, DIY, holiday cards, Christmas cardsOnce you get halfway done with your ornament, make sure you add a ribbon/string through the center of the ornament to be able to hang it from your tree.

 There you have it. A keepsake ornament of your holiday cards to last years on your tree.

Hope you have fun with all your holiday crafting this year!