Not all Pregnancies are Created Equal {Differences between Pregnancy #1 & #3)



We are lucky enough to be blessed with baby #3 joining our family this summer and as I get bigger and more uncomfortable, I keep thinking about the differences between pregnancy #1 and #3 (Sorry middle child, pregnancy #2 memories are already lost in the abyss of parenthood fogginess). Gone are the days of over planning and trying to perfect every detail for a tiny baby. This time around, time is spent keeping myself sane while keeping two energetic boys entertained. So basically, nothing is the same, especially what you read below….

  1. Been there, done that….said my uterus basically the moment of conception. The already stretched out belly pops much faster the third time around. At about nine weeks along with #3, when maternity clothes were not even on my radar yet with #1, I was already wearing loose shirts to hide not only the tiny bump – but my already protruding belly button.What to expect
  2. Forgetting what to expect…remember the books, the apps and all that googling that told you how big your baby was and what stage of development it was in each week? In my first pregnancy I religiously read the week by week progress of my baby every Wednesday evening from What to Expect When You’re Expecting. At 22 weeks into the third pregnancy, I have dug out this book exactly once…to take the picture for this post.
  3. During my first go around I was desperately trying to avoid maternity clothes as long as possible. I got the belly bands and stretched out my favorite tops. I’m sure it’s partially that the maternity clothes were already boxed up and in my closet waiting, but as soon as my jeans showed the slightest sign of being too tight, out the box came of stretchy, comfortable heaven in the form of maternity pants.
  4. Baby #1 = googling anything and everything under the sun related to babies. For hours. Literally driving myself crazy.
    Baby #3 = googling safest way to get a rock out of a toddler’s nose. No time for baby nonsense.
  5. Our excitement this time around is shared x4 now that we have two older brothers who are also already in love and eagerly anticipating the arrival of the next little one.

What differences did you notice between pregnancies? 


  1. Congrats, by the way!!! Jessica it is fun to recall the differences among pregnancies. We completed 4 and each one was definitely different. A major difference from the first to the last was my husband only came to the first dr appointment with the last child while he religiously attended all of them the first time around.

    Also, with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pregnancies I learned to love the computer and alphabet games. had great lessons that were basically kid user friendly and adult interaction free. I would get the child set up in the office with the door open and watch while lying down from the bed. Somethings I napped, too. It was the best thing ever.

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