How to Create a Holiday Season You’ll Actually Enjoy!


Meet our newest contributor Kelley Morrison.  She’s a wife, a mom of 2, and an organizational guru! I just know you all are gonna love her as much as we do! Welcome to the team Kelley! (You can learn more about Kelley on our “Meet the Contributors” Page and on her personal blog “Organized by Kelley”  

Enjoy her first post and many more to come!

The smell of Thanksgiving filling every corner of the house, luminaries shimmering down the block, and placing warm cookies for Santa on the fireplace. When I think of the holidays, I can’t help but return to my childhood memories of sweet family traditions. As a child, this time of year was simply magical!

And then we grow.  We learn a few things and if we let it, the charm of the holidays slips through our fingertips: expensive flights, retail madness, tangled Christmas lights, and places to be.  There has to be a way to hold tight to those traditions amongst all of these busy distractions. 

Five years ago, before kids, my husband and I spent our first Christmas together as a married couple.  How exciting!  The beginning of our own family traditions; the delight of the Holidays reignited!  But then it happened.  Stopped at a red light on our way to stop 3 out of 6 on Christmas (yes; I just said SIX!), we finally had the chance to exchange gifts.  It was Christmas in the car.  And the only Christmas tree nearby?   At the Safeway parking lot down the street.  Not so magical at all.

Was this a sign of the times or did something seriously need to change?

So…“then comes baby in the baby carriage” and with it?  My solution.  If kids aren’t the perfect opportunity to truly start your own family rituals, no time is!

Now, I’m a self-proclaimed family gal so in a perfect world, we’d all meet at one place and spend the entire day together!  Doesn’t that just sound peachy?  (And if this is how your holidays sound, I’d like your address.)

However, in an age of step-moms, step-dads, in-laws, outlaws, cousins, 2nd cousins, half-siblings and great Aunt Sue – at what point is it okay to be selfish?  When you’re pulled in many directions, how do you balance it all?

Having kids was the turning point for my husband and I to finally decide how we could obtain an enjoyable and memorable holiday season.  We too, wanted “the best of both worlds” and discovered our ways of making them all a priority!

MAKE YOUR OWN TRADITIONS! My husband and I have made it a priority to create and commit to unique traditions that hopefully become nostalgic memories for our kids.  All are welcome, but our Christmas mornings are downstairs in our home.  PJ’s encouraged.  No rushing through breakfast, no watching the clock and no excuses for a present left unopened.  I want to watch the excitement in my children’s eyes discovering Santa’s crumbs, giddily opening their gifts, and sharing the true meaning of Christmas.  Simply magical.

USE CREATIVITY AND PRE-PLANNING TO SPEND THE HOLIDAYS WITH EVERYONE WE LOVE!  Those car rides?  Of course they happen.  But not all in one day.  By sharing our hopes with our family and some creative, staggered scheduling, our Holidays have found their spark!  Some years, we have two Thanksgivings on different days or the annual “Christmas Eve Party” on a random day in December.  The more parties the merrier but without sacrificing naps or quality time with family.  After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Let the anticipation & celebration of this meaningful season begin!

What do you do to make your holiday plans less stressful and more enjoyable?

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Kelley Morrison
Kelley Morrison was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, snatched a business degree from Saint Mary’s College in Northern California, and has 8 years of Commercial Real Estate experience under her belt. So you’d never guess that her true passion always lied in dreaming of being a mother, organizing, owning her own business and somehow merging these all into one day. Her husband of 6 years and two toddlers are the absolute loves of her life. Having a boy and girl allows her to tap into both her tomboy and girly side: playing ball and dressing up as princesses…just in time for weekly date night with her handsome hubby. And if this wasn’t enriching enough, developing Organized by Kelley, her personalized blog and Etsy Shop, has now become her creative outlet for living life efficiently.


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