From the Editor’s Desk: Breastfeeding Q & A


Since launching in 2010, Scottsdale Moms Blog has been a wealth of information for local and visiting families. We have had so many contributors share their advice and tips for all things parenting and living life in AZ. After publishing, much of the wonderful information gets lost in the world of archives. We started this series to bring these posts back to life. We will focus on a different theme each month and bring you the best that SMB has on that topic.

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month and back in 2012 we ran a wonderful series with a local lactation consultant to answer questions on breastfeeding. These posts are a great resource for new moms, and now are all located in one easy to find place. If you still have questions – reach out to your hospital, doctor or locally run Modern Milk for lactation support!

How and when should I create a milk stockpile so I can return to work (or enjoy a night out without baby)?

I am still nursing my ten-month-old and she has started an extra night time session (now nursing twice at night). Is this okay? How do I know when I should wean?

What is the best way to approach weaning a 4 week old off of a nipple shield? It’s frustrating and defeating.

I had a c-section last time and my milk took 6 days to come in. Then I struggled with having enough. I’m pregnant again; how can I prepare for better success this time?

I have a large milk supply (the rivers never run dry!) and my 3-week-old daughter spits up a lot after every feeding (she is exclusively breastfed). Are these correlated and is there anything I can do? Does pumping and bottle feeding make a difference?

When breastfeeding twins, do you start with tandem feeds or get each baby used to the latch on their own and then start tandem feeding once they are able to latch correctly?

From the beginning my baby had a hard time latching on my left breast. In result of that, my left nipple is very sensitive, cracked and scabbed. Any tips?

I have a two-month-old and plan to give her breastmilk for up to 18 months if I can, but I am so nervous about when she starts teething. I know it can be done but are there any tried and true ways to prevent/discourage biting?

I just found out that we’re expecting twins (this is my second pregnancy) in early March! I’m still nursing my 15-month-old son, and I hope and plan to nurse the twins when they arrive. Do you have any advice for nursing twins?

I have heard that my body should eventually get used to his routine and then I will only need to wake once to feed him with out getting engorged. Is this true, or will I need to continue to pump in the middle of the night to keep my milk supply up?

Can you run a half marathon while breastfeeding? I am so happy to be able to write that, YES, yes you can! I wrote back in November asking for your advice and tips on if its even possible to run a 1/2 and not hurt your supply, so I thought I would do a little follow up.